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Political posts on IORR - why they are not allowed
Posted by: bv ()
Date: November 9, 2020 06:33

The posting policy on IORR is very clear - please use the link "forum help and policies" on top of the forum pages:

The IORR forum pages are made for Stones fans to communicate. Normal manners are expected. Offending language, offending or personal posts are not accepted. Write as if you are talking to normal people. Write normal text, please do not write in UPPER CASE unless it is natural in the context. Please do not post or discuss other individual non-public persons without their approval. Political and religious posts are not accepted. Campaigns are not accepted.

It is not very complicated. No need for lawyers or discussions. Politics are not allowed here, simply because they lead to lots of fighting, and people feel unsafe.

From time to time some do still try to start clearly political talks here, sort of challenging the policy. It would be a bit like robbing a store, just to see if the owner - and the authorities - think it is ok. It is not.

As the IORR Editor, I will simply delete any such posts, because they make so many fights, so many offending comments, and such offending talks are unwanted here. Every time I have to sort out such break of the posting policy, it takes time. Mind you, there is not a paid staff working shifts with moderation here on IORR. I am the only person moderating, and I do it in my spare time, for free, as a service to fans. If there are too much policy breaks, I will have to remove the posting access for those who break the policy. IORR has been running non-stop for 25 years now, since 1995, so I am sure we will be able to keep IORR running for still a while, with mutual respect and understanding.

Of all the two million or so people visiting IORR every year, some 60% are from USA. You may be a democrat or a republican, you may be from USA, or from the 200 or so other countries in the world, but you do NOT have the right to force your political opinions on others here on IORR. I do understand people want to express their love, hate, joy or frustration here, regarding politics, but sorry, there is no room for it. Thank you for your understanding.


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