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Re: Marseille France travel and show info
Posted by: RoughJusticeOnYa ()
Date: June 13, 2018 19:04

Air France pilot's unions call for four-day strike from June 23 to June 26.


Lazy/greedy bastards...


Their #%@& unions are always doing this type of BS. [...] get control of this union BS!

These are quotes (by FrogSugar & IGTBA ) of a thoroughly POLITICAL nature; and therefor completely unsuitable (and on top of that: not permitted ) on this board.

What the HELL are you talking about?! What do politics have to do with people on strike or unions?! I'm pointing out the stupidity of going on strike. If you don't like your job, fine, quit your job and find another one, don't ruin other people's rights to go to work on time or go to a Stones concert.

Furthermore, as I am French, I reserve the right to criticize my lazy fellow countryman as often as I damn well please! All of my friends are fed up with these constant strikes; they make life difficult and piss us off.

Lighten up, Keef & Mick would not support your political correctness!!!

Your choice of ‘words’ (if one prefers to call them that…) is purely (and obviously intentional) offensive, and has NOTHING to do with “taking a stand”. It’s just blabbering. Nor has my reaction about this anything to do with ‘political correctness’.

Bashing ‘unions’ and ‘strikes’ in general, especially in your line of phrasing, is a 100% political stand. And yes: thàt I conquer (and will continue to do so) – because in our quarter of this planet (I share with you our Western European background) our very own existance of today is largely defined by collective action from people that united in times of need – and some (most of?) the times paid for that, severely. Not just in the 19th century, but thoughout large parts of the 20th too. “If you know your history, the you would know where you’re coming from ”, right. (Somebody ought to make a song of that…)

And for your information: a strike is not a holiday. And strikers loose (sometimes: a lót of) money – they definitely make (personal) sacrifices. And with a communal perspective – for (what they see as) the better of ‘goods’ for all people.
Now I don’t want to make angels out of them; but I wouldn’t call ‘em lazy, nor bastards either… And neither should YOU.

Now I KNOW all this doesn’t justify just any old strike, protest, social action etc. per definition ; and I know (as said before) that you French people have had their fair (and, no doubt, sometimes even unfair…) share of troubles with this. But it sure as “HELL” (just to use one of your elegant phrasings) makes the complete opposite – bashing unions & strikers for the sake of it – completely inapropriate. ànd short-sighted. ànd OFFENSIVE.

And nó: just “being French” does NOT give you the right to be all of that – nor shoot your mouth off over here. If you have any intel or solid insight one the fine lines & tunings of this conflict: please share & enlighten me (preferably by PM - for this thread is no place for that. My e-mail address is nót hidden.) I really would be most interested. But if that's not really the case: then you're just shooting consonants and syllables in vain, imo.

THAT’S ('the hell') what I was “talking about”…
You want a drawing to go with that?!

You, monsieur/madame, should (learn to) choose your words more carefully if you want to express your extremely simplistic views (“#%@& unions ”, “…BS! ”, “get control! ”, “ruin other people's rights to go to a Stones concert ”, “If you don't like your job, fine, quit your job and find another one… ”) on an internet forum that has a multitude of different backgrounds, atitudes, opinions, convictions, ages, races, sensitivities compared to that ‘inner circle’ of you & your “friends”. Even more than compared to the whole of your FRANCE, I might ad.

And I don’t need Mick, or Keith, or a shoutmouth like you, to ‘support’ my views or comments. In fact: I couldn’t care less about what they think of the matter.

And stop yelling, will you? Your words read like you’re shouting them from a sports bar...

Now I have a plane to Cardiff to catch.
(And oh yeah; on top of that – must not forget… – I need to “lighten up” first.)

Dormez bien, mon pôte...

Re: Marseille France travel and show info
Posted by: IGTBA ()
Date: June 14, 2018 02:08


You bring up politics are not allowed, but your post above is very political. My comments on French unions actions were accurate and properly characterized the past (at least 30+ years) and current nature of French unions, especially those affecting public transportation. They don't care at all about the public. They purposely schedule strikes at times when their actions have major visible impacts on the public. Their actions are best described as selfish greed.

I should have planned to avoid France during this tour. I certainly will avoid traveling to France going forward - the only exception will be if the final concert of a Stones tour is scheduled in France; like last year, when I went to Paris. Otherwise I'll completely avoid France, because of the outrageous behavior of their unions.

Re: Marseille France travel and show info
Posted by: gotdablouse ()
Date: June 17, 2018 13:43

10 days to go, can't wait !

I have a personal request if I may ;-) So here's my problem, due to some silly mix up I have one PIT A and one PIT B and since you can't go from one side to another this time around it's not ideal as I'm taking my daughter so that she can see the boys up close for the first time. If anyone here is going as a single in the PIT (either side as in my experience both are terrific) it would be great if they could help out a longtime fellow IORRian. Beers before, after on the house of course and I'll consider any other (reasonable !) request ;-)

Please email me on gotdablouse [@] gmail [.] com - TIA !

Re: Marseille France travel and show info
Posted by: FrogSugar ()
Date: June 17, 2018 22:56


Man, you put way too much energy/thought/time into this...

I've lived in the US many years; unions there? Yes, but not a problem as they fight for their rights and conditions before said work is to be performed.

In France? The train union is a bunch of people holding onto old ways, old principles, and subjecting an entire country to their temper tantrum. They ruin people's job interviews/university and school tests/regular work/Stones show travel for fans/etc. In my view striking in France is just a catastrophe. I can't support those idiots as they make millions of French citizens miserable...not to mention travelling foreigners. My latest example: this morning I had to get up at 7am to walk a friend and his luggage for 20 minutes to a BUS shuttle to reach the airport as it was impossible to take public transport in reasonable conditions to the airport because the "RER" train was split in half at Gare du Nord, because of the ongoing and repetitive STRIKE...

Before you start judging others from the comfort of your own chair, entertain the thought that these mindless/studpid strikes are making others miserable. I experienced misery THIS VERY MORNING because of these LAZY STRIKING @#$%&!!!!!

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