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The Ultimate Fantasy 2 year future?
Posted by: MichaelLassen ()
Date: October 8, 2017 18:32

I'm curious, what would you guys realistic or "semi realistic" ultimate next 2 year future for the boys be?

I was inspired by a thread that mentioned "the golden years" 68-72. And imagined if they did a 50 year golden year anniversary tour with a setlist only of songs from 68-72!

Mandatory website vote of at least 3 "deep cuts" from same period obviously ;-)

And then a new album and beginning of never ending world tour :-)

Your ideas/fantasy? :-)

Re: The Ultimate Fantasy 2 year future?
Posted by: runrudolph ()
Date: October 8, 2017 19:40

I guess they will stop after the 2018 uk tour.ronnie will do some solo gigs as well as charlie will.mick will do some recording with young artists.keef will release another solo album in 2020.

Re: The Ultimate Fantasy 2 year future?
Posted by: Olly ()
Date: October 8, 2017 19:45


There will never be any great set list diversity and the band, or particular members of the band at least, won't be eager to perform in smaller venues, as the profits will be less. No need to change anything.

They will continue to play the number of shows per year that they've been doing in recent years until 2019 and indeed most likely until the band's 60th anniversary, presumably to be marked with a compilation album and tour.


'Semi realistic':

Each coming tour is different, with different set lists and maybe different stage designs too.

I think the band missed an opportunity by not turning the Zip Code tour into a Sticky Fingers themed tour to promote the re-release. Simply playing, say, 6 tracks from the album at each show would have allowed the album's songs to dominate the set list whilst leaving plenty of room for other songs as well. Think a couple of consecutive Sticky Fingers songs early in the set (as we've seen with Blue & Lonesome songs on the current tour), a couple more after Keith's songs, and an encore of 'Moonlight Mile' and 'Brown Sugar'.

If the Stone's aren't releasing/re-releasing any albums over the next couple of years, they could always base a tour and it's set list around a given album, or period of time, as you suggest. This wouldn't be difficult to do, wouldn't deter casual fans and would offer something new to those who have seen the band multiple times.

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Re: The Ultimate Fantasy 2 year future?
Posted by: TheBlockbuster ()
Date: October 8, 2017 19:46

New tour with new approach - only theaters and indoor arenas with capacity under 20.000 people. IORR, SFTD, HTW, Miss You and Satisfaction are removed from the setlist and replaced with ''rarities''.

Re: The Ultimate Fantasy 2 year future?
Posted by: Deltics ()
Date: October 8, 2017 20:12

Their final tour should be in the UK and called the "Back To Basics" tour.

"As we say in England, it can get a bit trainspottery"

Re: The Ultimate Fantasy 2 year future?
Posted by: jackflash27 ()
Date: October 8, 2017 21:10

My ultimate fantasy for the near future? Well, I don't think it's a good idea to share that on this forum cool smiley

Re: The Ultimate Fantasy 2 year future?
Posted by: schwonek ()
Date: October 8, 2017 21:17

Oct 2017
Paris 3: Slave wins the web vote

Dec 2017
NO FILTER LIVE 2CD/DVD (recorded in Paris 2017)

Jun-Aug 2018
UK Tour incl Knebworth

Nov 2018
KNEBWORTH LIVE 4CD (1976+2018)

Dec 2018
NEW CD release

WORLD and FINAL TOUR called: "Gomper"
Tickets are all and only LUCKY DIPS
Stage setup with B and C stage
Special guests: Mick Taylor, Bill Wyman and Olli Brown
Set always opens with Midnight Rambler and closes with Sympathy

Re: The Ultimate Fantasy 2 year future?
Posted by: jlowe ()
Date: October 9, 2017 10:18

Well, it won't happen with The Stones, but Springsteen has come up with an alternative to the 'grind' of touring.
Do a long term residency.
In his case a Broadway NYC venue till February 2018.

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