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IORR Signature policy
Posted by: bv ()
Date: May 17, 2017 21:18

Please note the IORR Signature policy, as specified in the Help and Policy pages, see link at the top of the forum pages:



You may have a signature connected to your user profile. Please use a small and non-dominating signature. Graphics are accepted if they are small i.e. smaller than what you write, not dominating. No animations accepted, and please no offending graphics. The signature should NOT contain any messages or campaigns. It is basically there to show your name or other similar information about yourself.


Please do not add set lists, tour dates, photos or other messages to your signature. If all the tens of thousand of IORR members posting on IORR do use "talking" signatures with such messages and banners then it will be hard to differentiate text i.e. what you write from what is just the repeating signature. In short, a complicated signature is spam in daily communication. Keep it simple. Thank you.

Current signatures

There may be old signatures that are slightly larger than what you write, or not 100% in line with the above policy. Then no worries. Everything that has been that way for a long time is fine. It is sort of historical. As for new signatures please follow the defined rules. These rules are not available for discussion, sorry.


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