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Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: jaggerzita ()
Date: October 27, 2017 05:20

Fantastic thread! Thank you, exilestones!

Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: October 28, 2017 14:46

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Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: October 30, 2017 03:09




photos by Grison

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Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 1, 2017 14:44


Update with Bill German

Lil Wenglass Green & Keith Richards – 1981

More of Keith and Lil Wenglass (1978-1981): []

I wrote to Bill German and asked him if he was in the above photo. He wrote,
"As much as that guy in the background resembles me, and as much as that seems
like the exact type of situation I'd have been in back then (especially if it
was taken at the Ritz nightclub in NYC), I'm 90% certain it isn't actually me.
Same hair, same height, but I must've had a doppelganger.

It does appear to be the Ritz, which is a place Keith visited often. (Now I'm
trying to remember what the upstairs wallpaper looked like!) However, if it's
Lil he's with (meaning, the pre-Patti era), then I have my doubts, as the Ritz
didn't open till May 1980.

I'm pretty certain that the guy applauding nearby (wearing the wristwatch) is
the late Larry Sessler (son of Freddy). But right now, that's the most
definitive thing I can offer about this photo.

I wish I had more to tell you about it. I'll put my thinking cap on and,
maybe, after some Sherlock Holmes deductive reasoning, I can come up with
something more.

Till then, all the best.


In a second email Bill German wrote, "it's definitely plausible that Keith
and Lil remained friends, even after he began seeing Patti. (In fact, I'm
pretty sure they did.) So, if someone says it was taken in 1981, I'll go back
to my original hunch and say it's the Ritz. I can't pinpoint the exact date
just from looking at the photo, but, if I search through some of my old
Beggars Banquet issues from the time, I can probably narrow it down.

Keep up the good work!


Bill wrote, "The new photo you sent me (above) is an easy one. Based on the look of the table (no
joke!) and on what Keith is wearing, I'm 99.9% certain that it was taken on
6/26/80 at Trax, during the Jim Carrroll show (where Keith got up to jam on
the song "People Who Died").

To the left of the photo, you can see half of
Freddy Sessler's smiling face, and the guy with the beard & glasses is Stones
PR man Paul Wasserman. That might be Jane Rose seated next to Keith, but,
with the bottle blocking her face, it's hard to tell. Love Patti in this one!
(And fyi: Keith spent some time with Anita Pallenberg at this show.)

As for the first photo you sent me (top photo), yes, it's definitely plausible that Keith
and Lil remained friends, even after he began seeing Patti. (In fact, I'm
pretty sure they did.) So, if someone says it was taken in 1981, I'll go back
to my original hunch and say it's the Ritz. I can't pinpoint the exact date
just from looking at the photo, but, if I search through some of my old
Beggars Banquet issues from the time, I can probably narrow it down.

Keep up the good work!



"Hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking." -- Rolling Stone magazine

"Memorable details from the [Stones'] inner sanctum." -- The New York Times

"[German's] proximity to the band makes this an essential Stones book, while his engaging writing style will appeal to non-fanatics as well." -- Newark Star-Ledger

"This book is absolutely great ... possibly the best book I've read about the Rolling Stones." -- Andrew Loog Oldham

"Impossible to put down ... filled with priceless, often laugh-out-loud anecdotes. Under Their Thumb is a cautionary tale, but a hugely entertaining one." -- Montreal Gazette

Bill German and The Rolling Stones guitarist, Ronnie Wood


For Rolling Stones fans who aren't familiar with Bill German, he is a big time Rolling Stones fan
who started as a kid in high school writing about his favorite band the "Rolling Stones." Eventually he
made many friends from James Karnbach to Keith Richards and his fanzine "Beggars Banquet" became the
official fanzine of the Rolling Stones which if I
remember correctly was advertised in an official Rolling Stones album.

Bill German was inside the Stones camp during the Tattoo You Era

I remember that I couldn't get enough of Bill's Beggar's Banquet! It would come to my post office box and everything
would stop until I finished reading Beggars Banquet fanzine until the end. Then I'd go home and read it again! Bill
always had the inside scoop.

Here's a guy who was in Mick's place, hung out with Ron and Keith and was welcomed to many Stones and solo events.
He earned his way and worked hard. It wasn't all glory and parties.

The one thing that stuck-out in my mind and I know to be true from when I covered the Stones was, no matter how
connected someone was and what job they were doing, they had the work hard to
get the info and the invites. You'd think the Stones would notify their official fanzine?

Bill German wrote a book that was even more fascinating than his great fanzine, called "Under Their Thumb." I'm not
much of a book reader but like Bill's fanzine, I couldn't put it down! People would say, Are you ever going to put
that book down?" Then I'd read some thing laugh or say, "Unbelievable, oh my goodness!"

I called my Stones friends who seemed interested in the book but didn't seem as enthusiastic as I was about "Under Their Thumb."
Then they started to read it. The phone calls poured in, "How about the part where Mick said to Bill,,,,"

You got to get this book and imagine that you are in Bill's shoes or along for the adventure!


Here's Keith in New York City on the cover of
Bill German's "Under Their Thumb" with
Bill German in the background.

"The epic tale of an obsessive teenager who launched a Rolling Stones fanzine and spent the next two decades capturing the band’s whirlwind metamorphosis from behind the scenes….First-rate, firsthand account of the world’s greatest rock ’n’ roll band, and a disenchanted chronicle of its increasingly crass commercialization."
- Kirkus Reviews

As a teenager, Bill German knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life: chronicle the career and adventures of his favorite rock band, the Rolling Stones. And in 1978, on his sixteenth birthday, he set out to make his dream a reality. Feverishly typed in his Brooklyn bedroom, and surreptitiously printed in his high school’s mimeograph room German’s Stones-only newsletter, Beggars Banquet, was born. His teachers discouraged it, his parents dismissed it as a phase, and his disco-loving classmates preferred the Bee Gees, but, for German, this primitive, pre-Internet fanzine was a labor of love. And a fateful encounter with his idols on the streets of New York soon proved his efforts weren’t in vain.

Impressed with Beggars Banquet, the Stones gave the ’zine instant cred on the rock scene by singing its praises–and by inviting German to hang with the band. At first a fish out of water in the company of rock royalty, German found himself spilling orange juice on a priceless rug in Mick Jagger’s house and getting pegged as a narc by pals of Keith Richards and Ron Wood. But before long he became a familiar fixture in the inner sanctum, not just reporting Stones stories but living them. He was a player in the Mick-versus-Keith feud and was an eyewitness to Keith’s midlife crisis and Ron’s overindulgences. He even had a reluctant role in covering up Mick’s peccadilloes. “In the span of a few months,” German recalls, “I’d gone from wanting to know everything about my favorite rock stars to knowing too much.”

In this warts-and-all book, which includes many never-before-seen photographs, German takes us to the Stones’ homes, recording sessions, and concerts around the world. He charts the band’s rocky path from the unthinkable depths of a near breakup to the obscenely lucrative heights of their blockbuster tours. And ultimately, German reveals why his childhood dream come true became a passion he finally had to part with.

Under Their Thumb is an up-close and extremely personal dispatch from the amazing, exclusive world of the Rolling Stones, by someone who was lucky enough to live it–and sober enough to remember it all

More on Bill German's "Under Their Thumb": []

Bill German and Keith Richards look over German’s newsletter, Beggars Banquet, February 1984.
Credit Chuck Pulin; From “Under Their Thumb”

Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 4, 2017 11:53




ABERDEEN May 26, 1982                                                                                               Michael Putland

Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: cooheid ()
Date: November 5, 2017 00:43

scan0001 by , on Flickr

As I have said before I dont know why I collect this shite. If anybody wants it they can have it FOC.

Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 5, 2017 18:47

Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 7, 2017 04:25

Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 8, 2017 12:53


Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 10, 2017 02:17

Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: Redhotcarpet ()
Date: November 10, 2017 13:22

Exile youve done it again, thank you! Amazing pics! Late answer about lil: since the song is from 1979 and he was with lil - hence the title of the song (similar to the anita love in happy) - im sure it is about lil.

Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 12, 2017 14:04

Was this photo taken in Rotterdam?

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Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 12, 2017 14:56


Mick's Stage Worn Chicago Bears Jersey Directly from Mick's Closet!

                  Rolling Stones perform at the Rosemeont Horizon
                  November 24th, 1981

One of the greatest rock n’ roll stage worn pieces of memorabilia to survive! It is a custom Chicago Bears jersey worn on stage by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones in their epic 1981 American Tour.
Fortunately, the jersey is offered intact and unscathed by adoring fans clamoring to tug and pull for just a piece.

Best in the owner’s words, here is the account of how the stage worn Mick Jagger - Walter Payton Chicago Bears jersey was obtained and cherished for 34 years:

"Mick Jagger purchased a brownstone (house) in the West End of New York City when the 1981 tour ended. My father, a master artist, was commissioned to stencil, gold leaf, and use faux finishes to decorate the entire brownstone. My father learned the craft in Germany from his father and grandfather working in churches throughout Europe before coming to the US in 1954. Here, he restored many famous landmarks including the mark Twain House and the Goodspeed Opera House in CT. In the early '80's, decorators began to commission my father to work in celebrity homes in NYC area.

Mick would often stop by to check on the progress of the work and chat with my father. Toward the end of the decorating project, my father was talking to Mick about the recent Tattoo You tour. My father relayed to Mick, I (his daughter) was such a fan of the Rolling Stones, and that I had waited overnight for tickets to 2 shows to be played at the Hartford Civic Center in November. Both shows sold out as I was just five people shy of the box office. My dad told Mick he wanted to surprise me prior to the project ending, with something special from my favorite band. He asked Mick to autograph an album he had purchased for me which Mick did.

Mick told my father to wait one moment and he went into one of the bedrooms and came out with a football jersey. He told my father he wore it in concert and to give it to me with the album. It was the Walter Payton shirt "34" of the Chicago Bears, which Mick wore on the second night on the Chicago stops at Rosemeont Horizon, November 24th, 1981.

I have kept the shirt in mint condition, now 34 years old since worn by Mick in Chicago in 1981. My father recently passed away but his memory lives on his art and such special events such as working for Mick Jagger."

We have photo matched the jersey to Mick on stage at the Rosemont. We can see the white/orange/white triple set of stripes on the sleeves exhibit the same 1/2 inch spacing. The "34" numeric style on front, back and sleeves is also the exact match and is screened on. Name on back "JAGGER" is also the same 2" font lettering. We can see the spacing and the squattier "G" style font which is correct. The size is apropo for Mick as he is smaller in stature, and the jersey size is "40". It measures 20" across the chest and 25" in length, exhibiting the cut jersey tail.

All these characteristics are very important to photo-matching the jersey however, what seals the deal, is cut jersey tail exhibiting the definitive jagged cut. Side by side we put the photo worn jersey tail next to the jersey jagged edged tail and we can easily see without question it's the exact same jagged edge on the tail of the jersey. Difficult to obtain, is Mick's personal stage worn costumes. They have brought over six figures and they only become more desirable as these quality pieces become less and less accessible.

Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears in action.

more Rolling Stones Chicago 1981: []

Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 13, 2017 17:10

Exile youve done it again, thank you! Amazing pics! Late answer about lil: since the song is from 1979 and he was with lil - hence the title of the song (similar to the anita love in happy) - im sure it is about lil.

Very interesting. Thank you.

I found two cool early-sounding "Little T&A":



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Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 14, 2017 17:22

Little T&A

Released - 24 August 1981

Recorded - January–February 1979, April–June 1981

Little T&A written in 1979 by Keith for "Emotional Rescue."

Sung by guitarist Keith Richards,"Little T&A" is the fourth song on rock and roll band The Rolling Stones' 1981 album Tattoo You.

Credited to Mick Jagger and Richards, "Little T&A" was largely a Richards composition. He originally began writing the song in the early months of 1979 with the intention of having the song featured on 1980s Emotional Rescue. Left off that album, it re-emerged for Tattoo You two years later. The band began reworking the track in mid-1981.

Little T&A reworked in 1981 for Tattoo You after being rediscovered by Chris Kimsey.

The song is a straightforward rocker, although Richards claims to have been influenced by rockabilly in his guitar performance. The song opens with a trademark riff from Richards, who plays bass and electric guitar along with Ronnie Wood. Ian Stewart performs on piano for the song and Jagger provides backing vocals along with Richards and Wood. Charlie Watts plays drums.

The lyrics of "Little T&A" were described by Richards at the time as being about, "...every good time I've had with somebody I'd met for a night or two and never seen again. And also about the shit that sometimes goes down when you just sort of bump into people unknowingly, and not knowing the scene you're walking in on, you know? You pick up a chick and end up spending the night in the tank, you know?" The lyrics see Richards bemoan that lifestyle:

“ The heat's raiding, the tracks is fading/Joint's rocking, could be anytime at all/But the bitch keep bitching, the snitcher keeps snitching/Dropping names and telephone numbers and all, well. ”

The song has a distinctive ending featuring a breakdown of song's riff and beat. While the title of the song is never sung, a frequently repeated chorus: "She's my little rock & roll/My tits and ass with soul, baby" is featured throughout.

New York City video shoot, June 30, 1981
David Gahr photo

Keith Richards: lead vocals, electric guitar, bass guitar, handclaps.
Mick Jagger: harmony vocals, handclaps.
Ronnie Wood: harmony vocals, electric guitar, handclaps.
Bill Wyman: handclaps.
Charlie Watts: drums, handclaps.
Ian Stewart: piano

From Wikipedia

Little T&A VIDEO: []
(Hampton) song starts at 1:50

Little T&A VIDEO: []
(East Rutherford)


He deploys Chuck Berry–style rapping as he sneers about bitching bitches, snitching snitches, squealing dealers. The song's title took on more significance years later, when Richards' daughters were born: "Her name's Theodora. And then a year later another one, Alexandra. Little T&A. And they weren't even a gleam in my eye when I wrote that song."

- Rolling Stone


First recorded at the Emotional Rescue sessions in 1979, its working title was "Bulldog."

Chris O'Dell, who trysted with both Richards and Jagger amongst many others. And here's a Telegraph article telling some of her story and announcing her biography. Yes, there she is right in the photo with Richards - she was one of the women Richards was singing about! []


Keith Richards with ripped t-shirt on stage at MSG, NYC. November 12, 1981.
Bob Gruen

Special Thanks to RedHotCarpet for inspiring the Little T&A posts.

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Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 16, 2017 16:38


The Rolling Stones perform at Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam 4th June 1982.
photos by Rob Verhorst










Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 17, 2017 16:29

Bill Wyman and his girlfriend Kate attending the opening on the
Stringfellows disco at the Hippodrome in London.

November 21st 1983 photo by Dave Hogan

Bill Wyman and other celebrities at the opening of the Hippodrome nightclub.

Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 17, 2017 16:42

Bill Wyman, Bob Dylan and Harry Dean Stanton taken on Oct 11,1981
backstage LA Coliseum Rolling Stones concert.

Bill has paid tribute to the longtime character actor Harry Dean Stanton, who
sadly passed away on September 15, 2017.

The actor Harry Dean Stanton passed away in Los Angeles. Harry had appeared in
over 50 television shows and over 100 films, cementing his legacy as a character
actor who delighted audiences across generations.

Film credits included Pretty In Pink, Green Mile, and The Last Temptation of Christ.

photo: billwyman archive

Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Date: November 17, 2017 17:12

<The band began reworking the track in mid-1981.>

The band never reworked the track in mid-1981. The band didn't re-work any track in 1981.

Chris Kimsey put the final touches mixing and editing-wise on Little T+A, and Mick might have added background vocals.

Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 18, 2017 17:49

"April-June 1981: The Rolling Stones, principally Mick Jagger, start overdubbing and mixing sessions for
Tattoo You. Mick Jagger, with associate producer Chris Kimsey, records vocals at a warehouse in
Paris, France, using the Rolling Stones Mobile Unit. Other sessions are held at Atlantic Studios in New
York City."

"Early April 1981: Pete Townshend and Mick Jagger hang out in New York City, where Townshend overdubs on
the Rolling Stones' Slave."

"May 26, 1981: Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman meet in New York City to discuss the next
tour and album. Keith Richards fails to show up as promised."

[] The Rolling Stones Chronicle 1961-2017 - Revisit in great detail the Rolling Stones' history,
from the farthest past to the latest happenings. With all the necessary and not-so-necessary facts, a pic for each year
and many choice quotes.


Finishing Little T&A is a mystery. We have outtakes from Emotional Rescue and there's no finished version among them.

Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 18, 2017 18:29


Tattoo You is an album primarily composed of outtakes from previous recording sessions, some dating back a decade, with new vocals and overdubs. Along with two new songs, the Rolling Stones put together this collection to have a new album to promote for their worldwide American Tour 1981/European Tour 1982 beginning that September. Guitarist Keith Richards commented in 1993:

"The thing with Tattoo You wasn't that we'd stopped writing new stuff, it was a question of time. We'd agreed we were going to go out on the road and we wanted to tour behind a record. There was no time to make a whole new album and make the start of the tour."

The album's associate producer, Chris Kimsey, who'd been associated with The Stones dating back to Sticky Fingers (1971) said "Tattoo You really came about because Mick [Jagger] and Keith were going through a period of not getting on. There was a need to have an album out, and I told everyone I could make an album from what I knew was still there." He began sifting through the band's vaults: "I spent three months going through (the recording tapes from) like the last four, five albums finding stuff that had been either forgotten about or at the time rejected. And then I presented it to the band and I said, 'Hey, look guys, you've got all this great stuff sitting in the can and it's great material, do something with it."

Many of the songs consisted at this point of instrumental backing tracks for which vocals had not been recorded. Jagger said in a 1995 interview, "It wasn't all outtakes; some of it was old songs... I had to write lyrics and melodies. A lot of them didn't have anything, which is why they weren't used at the time – because they weren't complete. They were just bits, or they were from early takes". Despite the eclectic nature of the album, the Rolling Stones were able to divide Tattoo You into two distinct halves: a rock and roll side backed with one focusing on ballads.

The earliest songs used for Tattoo You are "Tops" and "Waiting on a Friend". The backing tracks for both songs were cut in late 1972 during the Goats Head Soup (1973) sessions and feature Mick Taylor, not Ronnie Wood, on guitar. Taylor, who was not credited, later demanded and received a share of the album's royalties.
The album opens with "Start Me Up", originally rehearsed under the working title "Never Stop" and as a reggae-influenced number in 1978 during the Some Girls sessions, and the balance of it was recorded during these particular sessions in Paris (at Pathé Marconi studios) sessions where the more rock-infused track was recorded. Dating from the Black and Blue sessions are the backing tracks for "Slave" and "Worried About You". They feature Billy Preston on keyboards and Ollie E. Brown on percussion. Wayne Perkins plays the lead guitar on "Worried About You".
"Start Me Up", "Hang Fire" and "Black Limousine" were worked on during the 1978 Pathé Marconi recording sessions for Some Girls.

The basic tracks for "No Use in Crying", "Little T&A", "Neighbours", "Heaven" and "Hang Fire" came from the Emotional Rescue (1980) sessions.

The vocal parts for the songs on Tattoo You were overdubbed during sessions in October–November 1980 and April–June 1981. Mick Jagger was the only member of the band present at some of these sessions. Other overdubs, such as Sonny Rollins' saxophone parts on "Slave" and "Waiting on a Friend", were also added at these sessions. The album was mixed at Atlantic Studios, Electric Ladyland, Hit Factory and Power Station in New York City

In the 1995 Rolling Stone interview during which editor Jann Wenner called Tattoo You the Stones' "most underrated album", Jagger said, "I think it's excellent. But all the things I usually like, it doesn’t have. It doesn’t have any unity of purpose or place or time."


"There were so many leftover songs, or at least scraps of songs, from Goats Head Soup, Black and Blue and even Some Girls, when it came time to put together a follow-up to 1980's Emotional Rescue, which, like its six predecessors, hit No. 1, they pretty much dug around in their vaults and pulled out 11 songs that needed cleaning up a bit, required some work with new vocals or were pretty much ready to go as is.

Seeing that the tour planned to take the band to the U.S. in 1981 and then to Europe the following year, the decision was made to quickly go into the studio, record some new vocals and instrumental sections, slide them into the some of the best songs left in the can from 1972-79 and get a new album out there.

Two tracks dated back to the Goats Head Soup sessions, "Tops" and "Waiting on a Friend," which featured Mick Taylor, who left the Stones in 1974, on guitar. (He wasn't originally credited for his work on the songs, but later received compensation.) Another pair, "Slave" and "Worried About You," were left over from Black and Blue.

The Some Girls sessions yielded three songs, including two singles (and two of its best songs), "Start Me Up" and "Hang Fire," and the four remaining tracks got their start during the recording of the Stones' most recent album, Emotional Rescue. Mick Jagger recorded some new vocals here and there, jazz great Sonny Rollins overdubbed some saxophone and on Aug. 24, 1981, a new Rolling Stones album, Tattoo You, hit shelves a month before they launched their American tour.

And the thing is, it's one of the Stones' best albums -- certainly of the period -- and better than most of the albums its songs were originally omitted from. It also holds together surprisingly well -- especially for an album with a recording history that spans a decade, at least half a dozen sessions and various changes in band personnel and collaborators. It's also their toughest and most direct LP in years, even with the material essentially divided into hard and soft sides.

From the defining opening riff that kicks "Start Me Up" into place to the hectic "Neighbours" (from the Emotional Rescue sessions, but which sounds more like the punk appropriations the Stones were toying around with on Some Girls) to the falsetto-guided ballad "Worried About You" (there's no mistaking its Black and Blue roots) to the closing drift of Rollins' sax on "Waiting on a Friend," Tattoo You pulls together its disparate sources and fashions them in a way that most fans had no idea they were getting reheated songs.

It continued the band's streak of No. 1 albums, staying at the top of the chart for nine weeks, their all-time record. The tour, which kept the band on the road through the end of the year, and then again for two months in 1982, was one of their biggest, setting records throughout its run. It would be another two years before the Stones made another album, and another seven before they would tour again.


The Rolling Stones
Mick Jagger – lead vocals (all but 4), backing vocals (all but 5); electric guitar (9, 10); harmonica (track 5), percussion (track 9)
Keith Richards – electric guitar (all but 9), backing vocals (1-4, 6-7, 10); lead vocals and bass guitar (track 4)
Ronnie Wood – electric guitar (all but 7, 8, 9, 11), backing vocals (1-2, 4, 6, 10); bass guitar (track 2)
Bill Wyman – bass guitar (all but 2, 4); synthesizer, electric guitar, and percussion (track 9)
Charlie Watts – drums; percussion (track 9)
Mick Taylor – electric guitar (8, 11)
Additional personnel
Nicky Hopkins – piano (8, 10-11); organ (10)
Ian Stewart – piano (2, 4-6)
Billy Preston – keyboards (3, 7)
Wayne Perkins – electric lead guitar (7)
Ollie Brown – percussion (3, 7)
Pete Townshend – backing vocals (3)
Sonny Rollins – saxophone (3, 6, 11)
Jimmy Miller – percussion (8)
Michael Carabello – cowbell (1); conga (3); guiro, claves, cabasa and conga (track 11)
Chris Kimsey – electric piano (9)
Barry Sage – handclaps (1)


Overdubbed & mixed:
October 11-November 12, 1980: Pathé Marconi Studios, Paris, France
November 25-mid-December 1980: Pathé Marconi Studios, Paris, France
April-May 1981: Rolling Stones Mobile Unit, warehouse, Paris, France
May-July 1981: Atlantic Studios, Electric Ladyland, Hit Factory and Power Station, New York City

Little T&A

Recording date: January-February 1979 & April-July 1981
Recording locations: Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas; Atlantic Studios,
Electric Ladyland Studios, Hit Factory & Power Station, New York City, USA
Producers: The Glimmer Twins Associate producer & chief engineer: Chris Kimsey

more: []


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Re: Stones 1981-1982 Wardrobes
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: November 20, 2017 05:06








photos by Grison

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