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Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: Koen ()
Date: December 1, 2015 20:16

Only one this year: Bettye Lavette.

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: BamaStone ()
Date: December 1, 2015 20:44

J Geils Band
Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet band
Ringo Starr
The Flaming Lips
Arlo Guthrie
Willie Nelson
John Mellencamp
Lucinda Williams
Martin Sexton
Bob Dylan
Denny Laine
SugarCane Jane
Stevie Winwood
John Fogerty
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
The Who
.38 Special
Steve Miller
St.Paul and the Broken Bones
Rolling Stones
Brad Paisley
Rolling Stones
Def Leppard
My Morning Jacket
Shawn Colvin
Don Henley
....and looking to find a good show to end 2015!

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: daniel t ()
Date: December 1, 2015 21:06

Only one show for me this year....

The Rolling Stones, Quebec City July 15th.

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: gallagher ()
Date: December 1, 2015 21:07

on top of my head:

Eric Steckel (2 times)
Steven Ommi Trio
Band Of Friends (Rory Gallaghers backing band with other guitarist, 2 times)
Sinnerboy (Rory Gallagher tribute band)
Hooleys (folkrock)
Rowwen Hèze
Progpower Festival (3 days of progressive rock and metal)
Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls
Fiddlers Green
Counting Crows

Maybe I'm forgetting something, but that's it I can think about right now

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: DaveG ()
Date: December 1, 2015 21:40

Not much.
Charlie Musslewhite, The Eagles.

Will see Brian Setzer later this month.

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: whitem8 ()
Date: December 1, 2015 21:58

Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, My Morning Jacket, George Thurogood, Brian Stetzer, J Giles, The Rolling Stones x2, Wilco, Buddy Guy x2, The Sword (next weekend).

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: Elmo Lewis ()
Date: December 1, 2015 22:03

J. Geils
Bob Seger
Rolling Stones
Marty Stuart

All were most excellent

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: Dan ()
Date: December 1, 2015 22:04

1/2/15 Tex Pawnshop & The Tremolos @ Viva Cantina (Gary Myrick, Tony Sales, Chrissy Shefts, Mike Hanson)

1/4/15 Melvins @ Permanent Records (inside for the first set, right outside front door for second set)

1/4/15 Neverland Ranch Davidians @ Blue Bag Records

1/9/15 Common Trouble @ Park Bar & Grill

1/10/15 Flesh Eaters/Skating Polly/Small Wiggs @ Echoplex

1/16/15 The Humpers/Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders/Crazy Squeeze @ Cafe Nela

1/17/15 The Humpers/The Pagans/Bloodline/The Ringleaders @ Alex's Bar

1/23/15 The Ringleaders/Hellbat (partial)/Driven Out/Resolution @ Cafe Nela

1/24/15 Heathen Apostles/Groovy Rednecks/Red Roses/Rick Lawndale Band @ Cafe Nela

1/30/15 Old Toy Trains/Cat Museum/Peri Thrush/Arrington de Dionyso @ Cafe Nela

1/31/15 The Skylarks/partial set by some cover band @ Palace Theatre

2/5/15 John Oates @ Amoeba Music (solo acoustic)

2/5/15 Tex Pawnshop & The Tremolos @ Viva Cantina

2/7/15 Peg Leg Love/No Small Children @ Jimmy's Place

2/9/15 Banta/Haunted Summer/Kuzin @ The Satellite

2/10/15 Prima Donna @ Amoeba Music

2/12/15 Babes In Toyland/Qui @ The Roxy Theatre
Probably for the first time this century, got there 3 hours early, was the third one in the building and against the stage right in front of Kat. One of my greatest concert experiences ever. Her voice has lost none of it's power and her facial expressions are only more intense. The whole reason to be up front really.

need something with dead on facial expressions but :44 to :46 at any angle


first song Jungle Train
:53 to :59 full body chills, I was afraid she wouldn't sound like that anymore


The mic stand is drooping yet she is able to perfectly contort and keep singing, and the way she spits out HOOK at 1:22 and the mic jerks forward an inch []

2/13/15 Miss Mercy's Birthday @ Cafe Nela (I was still recovering from last night but went anyway because Willie Chambers was listed. Turns out he was guesting with a backing band. Who didn't even go on til hours after I got there. The drummer had a fan blowing his hair around. Willie did hum along briefly with an acoustic duo. About 20 minutes into the band I decided to just bail. At least I got a piece of cake. Dave, please book the Willie Chambers Band!)

2/14/15 Sparks @ Ace Hotel Theatre (with 38 piece orchestra)

2/15/15 The Messaround 5th Anniversary @ Viva Cantina with Go Betty Go, Nolan Porter & Patrice Zappa Porter, Davie Allan & The Arrows, 3 Balls Of Fire

2/18/15 The Adolescents @ Amoeba Music

2/18/15 The Beta Machine/DRÆMINGS/Dekades @ The Viper Room

2/19/15 Dirty Eyes/Elvis Drugs/Them Howlin' Bones (partial) @ Cafe Nela

2/21/15 The Dickies/The Muffs/Tartar Control/Bad Samartans @ The Roxy Theatre

2/23/15 Haunted Summer (with woodwind section)/Light FM/Avid Dancer (first 2 songs) @ The Echo

2/24/15 Colleen Green @ Amoeba Music

2/25/15 The Airborne Toxic Event @ Amoeba Music

2/27/15 No Parents/Slutever/Batwings Catwings/Slow Hollows (partial) @ The Smell

2/28/15 Prima Donna/The Two Tens/The Katellas (partial) @ Maui Sugar Mill Saloon

3/1/15 Until The Ribbon Breaks/Postiljonen @ Federal Bar

3/1/15 Dengue Fever @ Amoeba Music

3/2/15 A Pretty Mess/Well Hung Heart/Barb Wire Dolls/NonCon @ Whisky A Go Go

3/6/15 Tex Pawnshop & The Tremolos @ Viva Cantina

3/6/15 Million Kids/The Neptunas/EZ Tiger (last song) @ Cafe Nela

3/7/15 Symbol Six/Barrio Tiger/Brainspoon/The Blackerbys @ Cafe Nela

3/8/15 The Hi-Z's @ Cafe Nela

3/10/15 San Cisco @ Amoeba Music

3/12/15 The Figgs/Lightnin' Woodcock/Honeychain @ Redwood

3/14/15 Habits/Gnarvana/Gustave Tiger/Miles Tackett & The 3 Times @ Cobraside Distributing

3/14/15 MRK/Batwings Catwings/Deadpanzies/Ramonda Hammer/Violent Vickie @ Que Sera

3/17/15 Veneer/Cutty Flam (partial)/JQ & The Revue (partial) @ Redwood

3/19/15 Steal Music Buy Art @ Angel City Brewery (with Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss, Derwood Andrews, Jonny Two Bags, Chris Shiflett, King Buzzo)

3/21/15 Telephone Lovers/The Conditionz/Flagg @ Redwood Bar

3/26/15 Don't Be Afraid To Pogo/The Gears (Q&A only) @ Vista Theatre

3/28/15 White Murder/Auxes/Girl Tears @ Ham & Eggs Tavern

3/30/15 Van Halen @ Jimmy Kimmel Live

4/3/15 Tex Pawnshop & The Tremolos @ Viva Cantina

4/4/15 Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss @ The Escondite

4/6/15 Arlo Guthrie @ Walt Disney Concert Hall

4/6/15 Ian (last few songs) & Winter (first few songs) @ The Echo (killing time at a bus transfer point)

4/7/15 Matt & Kim @ Amoeba Music

4/10/15 The Magnificent/Neverland Ranch Davidians @ Cafe Nela

4/11/15 Electric Children/The Detro/Lady Zephyr @ Redwood Bar

4/11/15 Habits @ MOCA

4/11/15 Andre doing reggae in front of Metro @ Hollywood & Vine, watched about 10 mins, best street performer I have seen in awhile

4/11/15 Prima Donna/Stiletto Black @ Club Loaded

4/12/15 Rainbow Bar & Grill 43rd Anniversary with Stephen Pearcy (of Ratt), Fear, Gilby Clarke, Barb Wire Dolls, Motorcycle Boy, Slunt, Nightmare (Alice Cooper Tribute)

4/15/15 The Replacements/John Doe @ Hollywood Palladium

4/17/15 A Pretty Mess/Clepto/Chica Diabla/Blank Expressions @ Jimmy's Place

4/22/15 Faith No More/H09909 @ The Wiltern

4/23/15 Faith No More/The Urinals @ The Wiltern (Front Center)

4/24/15 Faith No More/Flattbush @ The Wiltern

4/26/15 Mimosa Music Sunday with Powersolo & Big Harp @ Federal Bar

4/26/15 Daria van den Bercken @ Amoeba Music

4/26/15 Nashville Nights with Venus & The Moon, Robbie Davis Band, Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss, some singer songwriter, didn't catch name, partial set @ House Of Blues Voodoo Lounge

5/1/15 Urinals/Cold Beat/Shark Toys @ Cafe Nela

5/2/15 John Zorn Marathon @ LACMA

5/2/15 John Zorn Triple Threat @ Royce Hall (Abraxas, Secret Chiefs 3, Bladerunner)

5/2/15 John Zorn - The Hermetic Organ @ Royce Hall

5/4/15 DRÆMINGS/Cillie Barnes/Sun Drug @ The Satellite

5/5/15 The Moody Blues/Niru (partial set on outer concourse) @ Greek Theatre

5/7/15 Electric Children/Turbulent Hearts/The Detro @ Down And Out (Inger Lorre billed, her band showed up, she didn't)

5/8/15 Tex Pawnshop & The Tremolos @ Viva Cantina

5/9/15 Sister Mystery/Edith Crash/Wolvez (partial) @ Cobraside Distributing

5/9/15 Charlie Overbey & The Broken Arrows @ Permanent Records

5/9/15 Prima Donna/Black Mambas/Dirty Denim/Flaggs @ Redwood

5/10/15 Grand Ole Echo with Phoebe Bridgers, Olin & The Moon, Matt LaRocca @ The Bar Brawl III (3 sets on back patio)

5/11/15 Dead Sara @ Amoeba Music

5/12/15 R.Ring (Kelley Deal), The 1939 Ensemble, Spurs (partial) @ The Satellite

5/16/15 Prayers/Night Nail/Carisa Bianca Mellado @ Complex

5/17/15 Messaround with The Gears, Turbulent Hearts, Pearl Harbour (Farewell show?) @ Viva Cantina

5/18/15 Lana Del Rey/Courtney Love @ Hollywood Bowl

5/19/15 Veneer & partial set by some band @ Redwood

5/21/15 G.B.H//D.I. @ The Roxy

5/22/15 Gnarbaby/Free Babies @ Make It Happen Music

5/23/15 The Humpers/Pinata Protest/Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders/Dave Stucken & The Curse @ Alex's Bar

5/26/15 U2 @ The Forum

5/27/15 Honeychain @ Dragonfly

5/28/15 L7/Gravys Drop @ The Echo

5/29/15 The Zeros/Dirty Eyes/Barrio Tiger/Telephone Lovers @ Cochran Club

5/30/15 Birdstriking/Chui Wan/Pleasure Routine/Deadly Cradle Death @ Cafe Nela

5/31/15 Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga @ Hollywood Bowl

6/1/15 JD McPherson @ Amoeba

6/1/15 Laibach @ Roxy Theatre

6/2/15 Girlpool @ Amoeba

6/2/15 Robert Plant & Sensational Space Shifters/JD McPherson (partial) @ Greek Theatre

6/3/15 Alla Spina/CXA/Theadora Kelly Project/Loss For Concern @ The Lexington

6/4/15 Barrio Tiger/Los Creepers/Stalins Of Sound (1 song) @ Down And Out

6/5/15 Gary Myrick Blues Trash @ Viva Cantina

6/6/15 Make Music Pasadena:

Playhouse District Stage: Kera & The Lesbians

Old Towne Pub: MRK

Old Pasadena Colorado Main Stage: Hidden Charms, Caroline Smith

The 35er: Burn Cycle (for 1 song, didn't like the layout)

Armory Center For The Arts: The Anti-Job (partial set), Night Jacket (partial set), Children, Los Dharma Bums, Draag (up to last song)

Levitt Pavilion @ Memorial Park: Nick Waterhouse

back to Armory Center For The Arts: Hobart W. Fink (partial set), Tashaki Miyaki

6/8/15 Dee Skusting @ Bar One

6/13/15 Violent Vickie @ Three Clubs

6/13/15 A Pretty Mess/Oddball (partial) @ Redwood

6/14/15 Tommy Ash/Andrew Sheppard (partial) @ Grand Ole Echo

6/14/15 Pete Escovedo & Sheila E @ Levitt Pavilion Pasadena

6/15/15 PINS/Queen Kwong/Pretty Little Demons @ The Echo

6/19/15 The Gaslamp Killer Experience @ Grand Performances

6/20/15 Carisa Bianca Mellado/Rico Jet/MRK @ Three Clubs

6/21/15 Gary Myrick's Blues Trash/3 Balls Of Fire/Mike Vernon @ Redwood

6/26/15 Hex Horizontal @ Vacation Vinyl

6/26/15 Club Violane Present Lush Tribute Night with Mercury's Antennae, Sheer, Carisa Bianca Mellado
(as far as I could tell none of the bands played any Lush, the DJ played maybe 5 songs, I left 45 mins into Mercury's Antennae as it was a long trek home via public transportation)

6/27/15 BET Experience @ Los Angeles Convention Center with Cypress Hill, Too Short, Vince Staples, Casey Veggies, Iamsu, Nef The Pharoah, DJs Amen & Carisma

6/27/15 Chinatown Summer Nights with Toraku, Alexa Melo, Sneakout, The Fontaines

6/27/15 Generacion Suicida, The Ravagers, Dirty Eyes @ Redwood Bar

6/30/15 Failure @ Amoeba Music

6/30/15 The Legendary Housecats @ The Satellite

7/2/15 Honeychain @ Down And Out

7/2/15 Lightnin' Woodcock @ Little Easy (partial)

7/3/15 Spindrift @ Mrs Fish

7/3/15 Alley Cats @ Redwood ( partial)

7/4/15 Smokey Robinson & LA Philharmonic @ Hollywood Bowl

7/9/15 Morris Day & The Time @ Santa Monica Pier

7/10/15 Carnival Of Futility / Rob & The Bullitt Band (last song only) @ Viva Cantina

7/11/15 Lotus Festival with Elson (??) 2 songs only then off to

7/11/15 Frankie Avalon / Tim Tedrow & The Mystic (small stage at far end, couldn't hear this time) @ Levitt Pavilion Pasadena

7/11/15 Thunderroads/Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders @ Cafe Nela

7/12/15 Only Won & Larisa Lam/Mantra/Jamuma Jam (partial) @ Lotus Festival

7/12/15 Austin McCutcheoun, Leslie Stevens, Amy Blashke, Mount Blaine (partial) @ Grand Ole Echo

7/13/15 Veruca Salt (Nine & Louise acoustic) @ Amoeba

7/15/15 John Fogerty/Hearty Har @ Hollywood Bowl

7/16/15 Prima Donna @ Farmers Market

7/16/15 L7/Lou Man Group (last song) @ Fonda Theatre

7/17/15 Judy Collins @ Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park

7/17/15 Mink Daggers, Crazy Squeeze, Telephone Lovers, Zero Class (last 2 songs) @ Redwood

7/18/15 Icona Pop @ Santa Monica Place

7/19/15 Veruca Salt (Nine & Louise acoustic) / Holly Miranda @ Mimosa Music Sunday (Federal Bar)

7/22/15 Spin Doctors/Lisa Loeb @ The Grove

7/23/15 EZ Tiger/The Neptunas/Honeychain @ Cafe Nela

7/24/15 Spindrift/Magic Wands @ Mrs Fish

7/25/15 Bruce Cockburn @ Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park

7/25/15 Eden Train @ Wilshire Bl near MacArthur Park (partial set)

7/30/15 Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba @ Skirball Cultural Arts Center

7/30/15 Haunted Summer @ Harvard And Stone (last 3 songs only

7/31/15 Stiff Little Fingers/The Briggs/Ricky Warwick @ House Of Blues

8/1/15 Rush @ The Forum

8/2/15 Charlie Overbey & The Broken Arrows/Speedbuggy/Wild Roses/Patrolled By Radar (solo acoustic) @ Grand Ole Echo

8/5/15 Soulive/Lisa Fischer & Grand Baton @ Hollywood Bowl

8/5/15 DRÆMINGS/Figs Vision @ Club Moscow (Boardners)

8/6/15 Hurray For The Riff Raff @ Skirball Cultural Arts Center

8/7/15 Gaby Moreno @ Grand Performances (wanted to stay for Jorge Drexler but the crowd annoyed me so much I left)

8/7/15 Babes In Toyland @ The Regent

8/8/15 Dwight Yoakam/X @ Century Park/Annenberg Space For Photography (Sound In Focus) Jesse Dayton on guitar with X

8/11/15 Baby In Vain/Kim & The Created/Annie Girl & The FI @ The Echo

8/12/15 Bomba Estereo @ Amoeba Music

8/12/15 Bongzilla/Northless/Primitive Man/Trapped Within Burning Machinery @ The Complex

8/13/15 The Muffs @ Fingerprints (re-release of debut album, Melanie Vammen on last 4 songs)

8/14/15 Echo Park Rising day 1

Phoebe Bridgers @ Echoplex

Slutever @ The Echo (most, might have missed first song)

Fever The Ghost @ Liberty Stage, partial then bailed for

Miles Tackett & The Three Times/Elijah Ocean/Charlie Overbey & The Broken Arrows @ The Lost Knight

Man Or Astroman?/Dengue Fever @ Liberty Stage

No Parents @ The Echo

8/15/15 Echo Park Rising Day 2

Sinner Sinners @ Blue Collar Working Dog

Saturn City/Smoke Season @ The Lost Knight (according to the schedule I was supposed to be seeing Manhattan Murder Mystery, they weren't there)

Wild Reeds @ Liberty Stage (might have missed first song)

Mirror Talk @ Taix Champagne Room (last song)

DRÆMINGS @ Taix Champagne Room

A Band Aparte @ Lot 1 Cafe (listened from outside while eating pizza)

Batwings Catwings @ Lot 1 Cafe

HOTT MT @ The Lost Knight
(went upstairs, found a comfy chair, catnapped)

Hobart W Fink @ The Lost Knight (last 3 songs)

Summer Twins @ The Lost Knight

Simone White/RT 'N' The 44's @ The Lost Knight (acoustic stage)

Qui @ Lot 1 Cafe

8/16/15 Echo Park Rising Day 3 (pretty worn out, lag times between bands longer this time)

Rainbow Jackson / Screaming Females @ Origami Vinyl

Ben Reddell / Jaime Wyatt @ Grand Ole Echo (patio)

Sad Robot (most?) @ Echoplex

The Porcelain (joined in progress, 30 mins worth?) / Sloppy Jane @ Lot 1 Cafe

Santoros / Peach Kelli Pop @ The Echo

Thee Commons @ Echoplex (about 2 minutes worth, I realize if they were not done by now then Death Valley Girls would not be done in time for even the next bus in an hour, so I ran out and barely caught the 9:25 bus)

** got really sick derailing many events

8/20/15 Ghost @ Amoeba (3 song acoustic set at 5pm)

8/21/15 Melody's Echo Chamber/Morgan Delt @ El Rey Theatre

8/27/15 Jefferson Starship @ Santa Monica Pier (Paul Kantner was a no show and the fake Grace Slick looked like she didn't want to be there, I bailed after about 40 mins)

8/27/15 Biters @ Viper Room

9/2/15 DRÆMINGS/Wet N Reckless @ Club Moscow (Boardner's)

9/3/15 Faith No More @ Jimmy Kimmel Live

9/3/15 Faith No More @ Troubadour

9/5/15 The Damned/CJ Ramone @ The Fonda Theatre

9/5/15 Dirty Eyes (22 mins worth) @ Redwood

9/6/15 Rainbow Bar & Grill Backyard Bash: Jack Russell's Great White, Red Dragon Cartel, Leatherwolf, The Untouchables, Jon E. Love & The Haters, The Hard Way

9/10/15 Robben Ford @ Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park

9/11/15 El Vez @ Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park

9/12/15 Prima Donna/Woolly Bandits @ Maui Sugar Mill Saloon

9/13/15 Dan Bern/Eleni Mandell @ Federal Bar

9/14/15 Charlie Overbey & The Broken Arrows, Two Sheds (partial), Las Lenguas @ The Echo

9/17/15 Le Butcherettes @ Amoeba

9/18/15 Randy Randall & Devin Sarno @ Gnarburger

9/19/15 Los Lobos @ Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park

9/20/15 Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla @ The Forum

9/21/15 Radkey/Prettiest Eyes (partial) @ The Echo

9/25/15 Arkona, Heidevolk, The Dread Crew of Oddwood @ The Complex

9/27/15 Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss, Steve Soto, Upset, California, Rachel Haden @ Grandstar Jazz

9/27/15 Front 242, Youth Code, High Functioning Flesh @ Avalon

9/28/15 AC/DC, Vintage Trouble @ Dodger Stadium

9/29/15 Duran Duran @ Jimmy Kimmel Live

9/30/15 Allison Pierce, Jamie Lawson (partial) @ Hotel Cafe

10/1/15 Karl Denson's Tiny Universe with Ivan Neville, Solar Sons @ Echoplex

10/2/15 Godflesh, Prurient @ El Rey Theatre

10/3/15 Junkyard/The Hangmen/American Slang/The Sahns/Future Villains (last 2 songs) @ Viper Room

10/4/15 Grindhouse/Electric Children @ Redwood

10/4/15 Van Halen/Kenny Wayne Shepherd @ Hollywood Bowl

10/8/15 Culture Collide Day 1

Kevin Burke @ United Methodist Church
Maya Johanna @ Taix Front Lounge
Sevdaliza @ Taix Champagne Room
Library Voices @ Taix Front Lounge
Yard Of Blondes @ Taix Front Lounge (partial)
Heo @ Taix Champagne Room
The Moog @ Taix Front Lounge (partial)
Lee Triffon @ Taix Front Lounge
Level & Tyon @ Taix Champagne Room

10/9/15 Culture Collide Day 2

Maya Johanna @ United Methodist Church
Panda Elliot @ United Methodist Church
Ngairre @ United Methodist Church
Avaberee @ Taix Champagne Room
Christina Valentina @ United Methodist Church
Empra @ Taix Champagne Room
Busty And The Bass @ Taix Front Lounge (partial)
Ash @ Echoplex

10/10/15 Culture Collide Day 3

Avaberee @ Taix Champagne Room (soundcheck)
Los Angeles Police Department @ Taix Front Lounge (soundcheck)
Avaberee @ Taix Champagne Room
Selaphonic @ Taix Champagne Room
The Vim Dicta @ Taix Front Lounge (very partial)
Empra @ Taix Champagne Room
Ngairre @ Taix Champagne Room
Harts @ Taix Champagne Room
Level & Tyson @ Lot 1 Cafe
Hotel For Strangers @ Taix Front Lounge (partial)
Joycut @ Taix Front Lounge
LFNT @ Taix Front Lounge
Death By Unga Bunga @ Taix Front Lounge
Sultan Of The Disco @ Taix Front Lounge
Balthazar @ Taix Front Lounge
The Moog @ Lot 1 Cafe

10/13/15 FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks) / The Intelligence (last song) @ The Wiltern

10/14/15 Neil Young & The Promise Of The Real / Social Distortion @ The Forum

10/15/15 Yacht @ Amoeba

10/16/15 Hinds / Public Access Television @ Echoplex

10/17/15 Walter Lure / The Zeros / Dirty Eyes @ The Redwood (Dino Everett, Johnny Witmer, John Tyree and special guest Clem Burke on Born To Lose)

10/19/15 Marina And The Diamonds / Christine And The Queens @ Greek Theatre

10/20/15 Gospelbeach @ Amoeba

10/20/15 Truly / Edith Crash @ Redwood

10/22/15 The Dollyrots / Go Betty Go / Love Me Nots @ The Satellite

10/24/15 Chapin Sisters @ Mollusk Surf Shop

10/25/15 Chapin Sisters / Ducktails @ Federal Bar

10/25/15 Gnarvana / The Sawyer Family / Street Drugs DTLA (partial) @ Make It Happen Music

10/28/15 Iggy Pop @ Hollywood Blvd (Ash vs The Evil Dead premier)

(3 week gap for real)

11/18/15 Freda Payne/Linda Clifford @ Amoeba (Mary Wilson was there but only signed, didn't sing)

11/18/15 Zander Schloss @ The Lost Knight

11/18/15 No Age/In The Whale @ The Echo

11/22/15 The Pandoras / The Woggles @ The Satellie

11/23/15 Jeff Lynne's ELO @ Jimmy Kimmel Live

11/25/15 Motochrist/Charlie Overbey & The Broken Arrows/Casper/Jason ?? /Manda Mosher (Calico) @ The Lost Knight

11/28/15 Jew Cocks/Dangerously Sleazy/Peach Kelli Pop/Brain Fragment (1 song) @ Redwood

11/29/15 Das Ich/Bustie @ Complex

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: andrea66 ()
Date: December 1, 2015 22:06

Ac-dc, who, blackberry Smoke , tedeschi-trucks band, vintage Trouble (tomorrow near Milano), Los Lobos and maybe others at the beginning of the year , but I forgot

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: MisterDDDD ()
Date: December 1, 2015 22:51

Rolling Stones (4 times)
Lucinda Williams (8+ times)
Tedeschi Trucks Band
Bob Segar
Heartless Bastards
Buick 6
Bob Dylan
Lyle Lovett
Los Lobos
Melissa Etheridge
T Bone Burnett
Conor Oberst/M Ward
Steve Earl
Robyn Hitchcock
Tony Joe White
Jim Lauderdale
Hot Tuna
Joe Jackson
Boz Skaggs
Justin Townes Earl
Blind Boys of Alabama
Time Jumpers
Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell
The Dustbowl Revival
Indigo Girls
Milk Carton Kids
Gary Clark Jr
+ many more openers and festival acts.. Great year!

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: jabhead ()
Date: December 1, 2015 23:02

Govt Mule w Sco
North Mississippi All Stars
Tweedy/ Minus 5
CRB (4 times)
Tedeschi Trucks Band/Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings/Doyle Bramhall II
Rolling Stones (KC)
Neil Young and Promise of the Real
Phish(3 times)
Mark Knopfler Band
Trey Anastasio Band
Richard Thompson Electric Trio
Dead and Company

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Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Date: December 2, 2015 02:07

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band (with J, Geils Band as the openers/show stealers) and...of course, THE STONES. (The Seger/Geils tickets were acquired after the death of a longtime family friend...) Stones ate up the concert ticket budget.

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: Mongoose ()
Date: December 2, 2015 02:12

The Rolling Stones

Dead & Company

Billy Joel

The Amazing Mongooses

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: dgodkin ()
Date: December 2, 2015 02:40

the rolling stones in dallas(Arlington), billy joel and the who both in houston

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: bob r ()
Date: December 2, 2015 04:04

all in Maine USA :

J Geils Band

Ian Hunter

Peter Wolf (SOLO)

Marty Stuart & his Fabulous Superlatives

Richard Thompson

Ry Cooder / Sharon White / Ricky Skaggs

Tom Rush

Albert Lee

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: likecats ()
Date: December 2, 2015 05:18

Starting from the beginning of the year:
Albert Lee
The Devil Makes Three
Patti Smith
Roky Erickson & The Hounds Of Baskerville
Buddy Guy
Belle & Sebastian
Al Di Meola
Bubble Puppy
13th Floor Elevators, Flaming Lips, The GOASTT, and others at
______________________________Austin Levitation Festival, Day 3
The Rolling Stones at Petco Park, San Diego, May 24 (Gary Clark Jr. opened)
Whitesnake (the set included six Deep Purple songs)
The Alan Parsons Live Project
The Grateful Dead at Soldier Field, Chicago, July 3, 4, 5
The Steve Miller Band
Three Dog Night (sadly, Cory Wells died just a couple of months later)
Terry Reid
_______I was supposed to see The Who but that was postponed until 2016.
Van Halen (Kenny Wayne Shepherd opened)
Terry Reid (again)
The Zombies (the original group played Odessey & Oracle)
Garth Brooks with Trisha Yearwood
Jeff Lynne's ELO at the Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles

Still to come:
Eric Burdon & The Animals
The Dead & Company at the L.A. Forum, December 30, 31

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Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: tatters ()
Date: December 8, 2015 14:23

Bumped, just in case anyone else wants to post, or add anything to their earlier post.

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: desertblues68 ()
Date: December 8, 2015 14:47

The Counterfeit Stones
Bassekou Koyate
La Boheme
The Divan Orchestra at the Proms

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: andrea66 ()
Date: December 8, 2015 15:18

What a stupid i have been: i forgot to add to my list one of the greatest band in the world: the GOV'T MULE

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: Elmo Lewis ()
Date: December 8, 2015 15:37

Helluva list, Dan, but no Rolling Stones?

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: roller99 ()
Date: December 8, 2015 17:11

Stones - Rehearsals at Third Encore
Stones - Fonda
Stones - San Diego (sucked)
Stones - Minneapolis

Everyone else pales in comparison....But here's a list of shows and reviews, etc (yeah, it's a shameless plug).

All my "stuff" from 2015 so far...

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: runaway ()
Date: December 8, 2015 17:34

Claw Boys Claw
The saints
The Pretty Things
Kraftwerk 2x Paradiso/Vredenburg
The Who :a fantastic concert in Ziggodome
PIL Paradiso
Motörhead - Berlin

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Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: Dan ()
Date: December 8, 2015 18:10

Elmo Lewis
Helluva list, Dan, but no Rolling Stones?

I tried for the Fonda, struck out, and in a fit of anger said screw this and put my San Diego ticket on Stubhub.

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: Boognish ()
Date: December 8, 2015 18:14

I saw quite a few shows but the highlight was finally getting to see Prince in concert. I was sitting (mostly standing and dancing) literally in the last row of the venue but I still had an amazing time. Fantastic concert.

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Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: thegroove ()
Date: December 9, 2015 01:30

Sonny Landreth at Fitzgeralds in Berwyn Illinois Chicago Blues Angels at Catfish Days Wilmington Illinois

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: Librarian ()
Date: December 9, 2015 06:34

THE STONES- Indy and Milwaukee...first time!!!!!!!!!

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: footlooseman ()
Date: December 9, 2015 09:14

in order of interest

rolling stones-still the greatest rock and roll band ever
neil young&promise of the real-stunning hardcore rock show
joe [email protected]#$%& the eagles
santana-always a powerhouse
richard thompson-power trio nuff said
fleetwood mac-with christine back they were complete
the who-
eric clapton-70th birthday party
the dead-a pleasant suprise
steve miller band

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: harleybla ()
Date: December 9, 2015 10:34

For me it was: The Rolling Stones and AC/DC both in Quebec City.
Enough said.

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: JK62 ()
Date: December 9, 2015 14:36

The Rolling Stones 3x
John Mayall
Joan Armatrading
Dianne Reeves
Nokie Edwards
Kurt Elling
Bryan Adams

Re: OT: Who Did You See In Concert In 2015?
Posted by: flilflam ()
Date: December 9, 2015 15:12

Rolling Stones
Boz Scaggs

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