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Live 8 : MTV
Posted by: wawijr ()
Date: July 4, 2005 00:27

MTV and VH1 is a disgrace!
I hope they are proud of thier part in Live 8.
I was disgusted the whole day and turned off my recorder after 1 hour.
Every ten mintues it seemed there was 15 min of ads.
In that time they show no complete song performed. I'm not sure if they ever did.
Why they came on at 12.00 is beyond me. McCartney and U2 opening, MTV is showing a Punk'ed marathon. (and they Punk'ed us too!!)
Some 5 Billion people, some 150 countries, and America gets 2 (actually 1) channels with more commericals and useless drivel than music.
It saddened me to see Geldof, the center man of this event, sing Monday live while MTV played Black Eye Peas with Pizza Hut ads.
I'm sorry i think it was damn right rude!

Thanks for letting me vent.....

So isn't the Internet somethin?

Goin from London to Berlin to Paris and Rome with a click of the mouse.
I never had a glich. It was really like being at some large festival with different stages. There were a few moments where it kinda felt like 1985 with a twist.
I thought everyone was great and having a good time. I rarely rarely watched Philly. The Who, Stereophonics, Velvet Revolver were some of my faves. Hell, even Motley Crue was fun to see!

Hats Off to Geldof! I hope something is done for his cause and the People of Africa.

Shame on MTV for probably making more money that giving out to the cause.

Re: Live 8 : MTV
Posted by: Edith Grove ()
Date: July 4, 2005 01:01

Now I remember why I don't like MTV/VH1. Thought about taping it but glad now I didn't. All I got to see yesterday was the two-hour ABC television coverage in the States. Disappointed I didn't see Mick in the coverage (heard he flew from LA to London the day beore), but REALLY disappointed I didn't see Neil Young at all. Would have liked to see how he is doing after his recent health problems.

Re: Live 8 : MTV
Posted by: Sam Spade ()
Date: July 4, 2005 01:10

The coverage was appalling to say the least. Even the coverage by ABC was terrible. I remember LIveAid back in '85 which was by far much better. Hell, we saw entire performances all day long.

Like the original Woodstock, Live 8 couldn't compare to Live Aid!!

Re: Live 8 : MTV
Posted by: BowieStone ()
Date: July 4, 2005 01:11

The coverage on BBC was very good IMHO.
We haven't missed one note of the concerts in Hyde Park.
And Jonathan Ross did a great job... he always does.

Re: Live 8 : MTV
Posted by: JumpingKentFlash ()
Date: July 4, 2005 17:11

MTV has sucked since the Spice Girls started. That's when the change really came IMO. I watched all of Live8 from start to finish. It was good. 3 billion watching. The bad thing was that too many names were shit choices to begin with. Mick was rumored to join Macca the Danish commentators said. And also George Michael. So when George walked in I thought: "We'll get Mick too.....How great", but of course we didn't. One artist that sort of surprised me was Shakira.


Re: Live 8 : MTV
Posted by: skelly ()
Date: July 4, 2005 17:16

BowieStone Wrote:
> The coverage on BBC was very good IMHO.

Yeah, a friend of mine watched it on BBC and said it was very good. Via digital you could use the interactive to watch any of the concerts at any time. Anyone with access to BBC 3 can watch a highlights show at 8pm every night this week. Hat's off to the "Boring Broadcasting Corporation"

I think I've bust a button on my trousers....

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