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Re: OT - VERY rare NY Dolls footage
Posted by: andrewm ()
Date: March 16, 2014 01:46

Yeah, I figured you were kidding, didn't know about the Bowie insult, not surprised, though.

Teddy, I was standing behind Mick Jones (dressed impeccably in a pinstriped suit) in the beer line-up at one of the Mott reunion shows in London in '09 and wanted so much to just say, "hey Mick, thanks for the great music". Then someone approached him and started glad-handing pretty loudly and he looked, understandably, kinda irritated. So, I thought the best thing I could do was leave him in peace. My buddy was sitting right beside him during the show, though, said he was very into it. Sorry for the digression, back to the Dolls….

If so, then I was sitting with him. Mick and I went to five of the six Mott shows together. They were so lovely to him as well. To most of them he was still "Little Mick", who used to follow them. Not to Ian of course, who we went back to the Royal Gardens with and hung out. Those shows were brilliant.

Really? It was probably you standing beside Mick in line then, hey? Yes, those shows were outstanding-I went to the first three nights and it was the Saturday, the third show, that I was behind Mr. Jones in line. Did talk to Joe Elliott briefly-not a fan of his music but seemed like a nice guy. Funny I've been reading some unfavourable reviews of the recent shows, especially London 02, but I finally got around to listening to part of the 02 recording and it sounds good to me. Ian's voice a little rough but that just adds to the charm. Great that you hung out with him. I interviewed him as a nervous youngster back in '89 and he was a perfect gentleman.

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Re: OT - VERY rare NY Dolls footage
Posted by: TeddyB1018 ()
Date: March 16, 2014 05:31

I didn't go to the show this time. Mick said it wasn't quite as good, owing mainly to the vastness of the O2. Haven't heard a tape from that gig, though I do have a different one. Waiting for my DVD/CD package. Mick gave me the big Mott book for Xmas, a nice trick as I sure wasn't paying all that for it.

Ian is great. Terrific dry sense of humor and tells nothing but the truth. He and Mick filmed some songs together recently at Mick's studio for the upcoming Rotten Hill TV (which may be a web series or on TV, still TBD). Mick's still a bit intimidated by him!

Might have been that it Saturday night that we hung out with Ian after, as he had the following day off. Ian actually dedicated a song to me (as "the guy who wrote Deadwood" - a bit of an exaggeration as I was the #2 writer/producer on it. We rode over to the hotel with Buff and his wife, which was so emotional as despite his escalating Alzheimer's, he was telling us detailed stories about Mick following them as a teenager. We went to all the shows but opening night, as Mick was booked to appear at a charity event with Billy Bragg (Jail Guitar Doors).

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Re: OT - VERY rare NY Dolls footage
Posted by: rob51 ()
Date: March 18, 2014 03:23

They look like a Stones clone band and sound like one too.

Re: OT - VERY rare NY Dolls footage
Posted by: Glam Descendant ()
Date: March 18, 2014 06:12

Thanks for sharing, love the Dolls!

Re: OT - VERY rare NY Dolls footage
Posted by: Come On ()
Date: March 18, 2014 08:56

Yes New York Dolls became the natural heirs to the Rolling Stones ... then so can the chain may move forward by The Saints > Dinosaur Jr. > The Strokes > Subways along with the original band, of course, The Rolling Stones...

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