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Re: Die Hard Stones Fan
Posted by: Hairball ()
Date: March 15, 2005 07:40

I first saw the Stones as an 18 year old in 1981 TWICE at the L.A Colisseum thanks to my older bro.

I was born and raised on the Stones/Beatles - (born in '63) - and if I wasn't hearing my brother playing the Stones on the record player, I was hearing them on the the radio or at my Aunts house while I she was babysitting.

Then a couple years later,, I recall my brother buying Sticky Fingers- to my mother and fathers dismay - ( the album cover was obscene according to them). Meanwhile I could care less, I was 6 years old and listening to Top 40 radio...teeny bopper stuff like the Jackson 5, etc.

Fast forward - The first Stones album I bought was Made In The Shade at the age of 13, I was totaly hooked - (smoked my first doobie that summer and drank lots cold beer at the beach during this period).

Fast forward again - When Some Girls album came out (I was 15) yrs. old, my brother and I drank a case of beer in his apartment and listened to it over and over (and over again and again) - definitely a brothely bonding experience of a lifetime to cherish forever!

Through the rest of the '80's and '90's I made sure I was on top of every new album and tour, and saw them at least once or twice when they came to town ( By the way..Micks solo career sucks in my opinon- it ruined it for me in the '80's as far as the Stones were concerned - Thank God for Keith recorded and released "You Don't Move Me). Perhaps because of Mick, most everthing regarding the Rolling Stones was inferior from 1981 - 2003...there wasn't very much to be happy about.........except when they play LIVE.

Regardless of the justified criticism throughout this last 2 decade period regarding Ronnie's lackluster playing, the back-up vocals...Chuck, Darryl, Blondie....Lisa...whoever you want to blame....THEY ARE STILL THE BEST BAND LIVE!!!

Finally able to take a good amount of time away form work, life, 2002/3 on the 40 Lick tour...when I turned 40 years old - I saw the Stones all over the world...multiple stadium and arena shows throughout the U.S.A and in the northern regions of Europe, countless times over a year long period in various cities including 3 Club shows - ((Stockholm ROCKED!!!)).

What more can I say?.....

I have beeen a die-hard Stones fan since day one!

ps - due to a recent knee replacement surgery, I am heavily under the influence of fine Californian wine...I hope some of you will enjoy and relate to my latest ranting and raving.

From one die-hard to another - Peace...and "Keep On Rolling"!!!

Thank you to the Rolling Stones for being the all time best!!!

Re: Die Hard Stones Fan
Posted by: Baboon Bro ()
Date: March 15, 2005 09:22

Hey Hairball; I´m a ´63´er, too!
Somewhere I feel we´re a minority here at the board.
Anyway it seems like we´ve found related user names as well...

I myself missed tour -81, but many friends went down to Göteborg.
I also believe I was too much into punk rock in those days.

But now its die hard RS...

Re: Die Hard Stones Fan
Posted by: johang ()
Date: March 15, 2005 09:48

Listening to Get Yer ya ya s out with my headset, never heard Keith like it ever again on Stray Cat

Re: Die Hard Stones Fan
Posted by: Hairball ()
Date: March 15, 2005 19:56

Yes Baboon Bro,

In the late '70's I was heavily into the Clash and hard-core Jamaican reggae.

I still love it all, but the Stones have stood the test of time, and nowhere can you experience a concert as fun as any Stones concert.

Lets just hope Keith can still pluck a tune or two properly by the time the next tour starts rolling. Things were getting a bit sketchy at the end of the last tour. His fingers look really @#$%& up!

Re: Die Hard Stones Fan
Posted by: Stikkyfinger ()
Date: March 15, 2005 20:16

bartman Wrote:
> Since I heared Paint it Black for the first time
> (From Tour of Duty)
> I got news for you. We're still a bunch of tough
> bastards. String us up and we still won't die

GREAT choice for a series about Vietnam and the soldiers who fought there....!

When I first heard Not Fade Away I was hooked!

It's a fantastic song to do live. It really MOVES the audience!



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