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OT: Court of Human Rights: "Copyright monopoly conflict with Human Rights"
Posted by: marcovandereijk ()
Date: February 8, 2013 11:06

I think a rather important verdict by the European Court of Human Rights about the tension
between the copyright law and the freedom of expression gives the people more possibilities
to share music and other forms of art with each others. I think it is a good thing to
spread great music all over the world. A world that sings and dances is a world that
does not fight.

Here's the verdict from january 10th AFFAIRE ASHBY DONALD ET AUTRES c. FRANCE: verdict

This means that a conviction or any other judicial decision based on copyright law,
restricting a person’s or an organisation’s freedom of expression, must be pertinently
motivated as being necessary in a democratic society, apart from being prescribed
by law and pursuing a legitimate aim.

So it doesn’t mean nobody will ever get convicted for sharing culture again –
just that courts have to justify why a conviction is also “necessary in a democratic society”,
in addition to having met the normal and previous bar for a conviction.

Just as long as the guitar plays, let it steal your heart away

Re: OT: Court of Human Rights: "Copyright monopoly conflict with Human Rights"
Posted by: dcba ()
Date: February 8, 2013 15:17

The distinguished European Court Of Justice is full of sh!t, so I wouldn't pay too much too attention to this if I were you...

"7. Des photographies prises par le troisième requérant lors de ces défilés furent transmises à la société Zeppelin, gérée par le deuxième requérant. Cette société les transmit à la société de droit américain Viewfinder, gérée par les deux premiers requérants, qui les mit en ligne quelques heures après les défilés sur un site Internet dédié à la mode appartenant à cette société, qui propose des photographies et vidéos de défilés de mode à la consultation libre, à la consultation payante et à la vente."

grinning smiley grinning smiley grinning smiley
I wonder how much money this joke cost the European tax-payer!

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