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New Album
Posted by: Sam Spade ()
Date: January 28, 2005 18:52

Here it is, Jan 28, 2005 shouldn't the boys be back to working on the new material or has it been delayed for some reason.

As for Mick and that Cancer rumour, it was pure BS because it NEVER made the news portion of this website. In fact that story was never picked up by any major news organization(Reuters, AP and the like).

Re: New Album
Posted by: Ian Billen ()
Date: January 29, 2005 10:39

Yes they should definately be working on the new album again by now. I am totaly convinced they have a TON of new material. Remember they recorded before the Licks tour, during the Licks tour (Keith says of them recording during the Licks Tour:
"We recorded in all kinds of places, even hotel rooms") and Mick,Keith, and Charlie have been together working on songs again as of recently. I think they are hard at work as we write. With that, there is probably considerably more material produced for this album than any since....well I hate to use the old addage but I guess I will have to....since Some Girls. They have been working this thing up for 2 1/2 years now we must remember.


Re: New Album
Posted by: Rockman ()
Date: January 29, 2005 10:49

Lock ya windows and warm up ya stereo 'cause it's gonna be one hell of an album!


Re: New Album
Posted by: backstreetboy ()
Date: February 1, 2005 19:41

i agree rockman,your post gave me a shiver.

john scialfa

Re: New Album
Posted by: JumpingKentFlash ()
Date: February 1, 2005 21:12

Rockman has a cool way with words. It sent chills down my spine too when I read that.


Re: New Album
Posted by: Rockman ()
Date: February 1, 2005 21:24

It's lock down time in my life when ever I get my hands on a new Stones album.
Hell! I've even given up shaggin' so I can soak a new album all in.


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Re: New Album
Posted by: melillo ()
Date: February 1, 2005 21:30

I think the new album is gonna be killer, just have a feeling
looking for a huge start me up type single

Re: New Album
Posted by: Sam Spade ()
Date: February 1, 2005 22:46

To be perfectly honest I wouldn't look for anything earth shattering from the new album. I'm willing to wager the songs were written prior to the Paris sessions for the Licks cd.

A "Start Me Up" type of single, no way. They are smart enough to know the newer material (post Tattoo You) doesn't get much airplay. How many times do your hear "Don't Stop" on the radio, or see the video for that matter?

The typical marketing "hype" will be there prior to the CD and tour, they will get minimal airplay but in the end, it will be the same old tired formula. It's true, if it's not broken, don't fix it but face it, they have become mere shadows of their former selves.

Michael Cohl has done a great job of making them millions since '89. We "older" fans have been aware of this for years.

The last true hit that got lots of airplay was Start Me Up.

Re: New Album
Posted by: melillo ()
Date: February 1, 2005 22:51

thats because the songs arent that good
i hear start me up alot more on the radio than anything
post tattoo you

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