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OT: home recording
Posted by: liddas ()
Date: January 12, 2005 17:59

A very cheap (15 singapore dollars) sony mixer (4 inputs, 1 stereo red/white output), 4 avarage microphones (can't remember the brand) and a once very good stereo Hitachi VTR: for many years (when my band was a little more serious) I used this stuff to record my music. May I add: with excellent results, considering the equipment.

A couple of years ago, since the band was falling apart (girlfriends, kids, wifes, distances, fights - when Keith states proudly that they are still on the run after more than 40 years, I KNOW what he is talking about) I decided it was about time to learn how to record with my computer.

So I installed cakewalk software, I bought a edirol external sound card (the internal card in my laptop was not good enough) and was ready to go. As I said, this was a couple of years ago. Useless to say that since then I dedicated not more than 5 minutes to study how to use that stuff (computers bore me to tears).

New year, new life: I want to learn!

Is there some good tutorial on the internet somewere?

How di YOU learn?


Re: OT: home recording
Posted by: liddas ()
Date: January 12, 2005 18:01

P.s. Bruno: If only I could learn enough to post a demo of how my strat screams through the Ampeg I bought ...

Re: OT: home recording
Posted by: bruno ()
Date: January 12, 2005 18:15

Hi, mate

1.- Don't have any clue about computer recordings, sorry. Maybe JKF or KeithRichards could help you, as they're launching their career as The Falling Angels. I think I'll have to learn some day, too...

2.- Would like to hear your amp so let's hope you learn about how to record yourself. Waiting for your licks... winking smiley
BTW, I finally bought a tube amp. I finally spent more money than I thought, but anyway, I'm in love with it. It's a 10W Cornell Romany, a somewhat hand wired tube amp based on an old Fender Tweed Champ. It's great. Not many features, in fact no features at all, but just turning the volume up it gets that beautiful crunchy tones... I love tubes now, as you do...

[There'll be no wedding today...]

Re: OT: home recording
Posted by: JumpingKentFlash ()
Date: January 12, 2005 18:22

Our version of Brown Sugar is gonna be out tonight I hope. I'm singing off the beat very much on it. But it's the best we can do with our limited talent and recording materials. It's not Lorenz' computer doing anything wrong. It's my shitty fuckstick computer that sucks. I can't record two tracks, so it's out of time with my singing.


Re: OT: home recording
Posted by: Mathijs ()
Date: January 12, 2005 18:59

Liddas, you're planning on buying new gear? In that case, I can strongly recommend to buy Protools. For $400 you have a professional recording tool, very easy to operate, and most importantly it is professional stuff usd in all studio's. You ca record in a studio (drums, bass) and do all the overdubs at home. With the band I am right now (besides Flip the Switch) we use it re record demos to give to the band. You write a song, record piano, guitar, bass and vocals in half an hour, mix it, master it, and one hour later you can bounce it and send it around. Great stuff!


Re: OT: home recording
Posted by: KeithRichards ()
Date: January 12, 2005 19:17

Cool Edit Pro, the programm I use, works the same way as the programm Mathijs described.
It's really good, there are a lot of things you can/could do with it...
Costs about 300€, I think.

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