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Re: Let's talk RARE Stones vinyl
Posted by: hopkins ()
Date: November 9, 2018 04:30

it is so massively rare that i have to respond to my own gentle query, readers,
I understand a lot of us can fit, somewhat, into that designation. readers i mean.

yep so supah rare that a whole international day and night later no one
much has ever heard of it, seemingly.
which, come to think of it, makes it even more rare.
...perhaps 'RARE" all caps is next; gettin rarer day by day
that keith lead on sftd b4 taylors; is purt good


Re: Let's talk RARE Stones vinyl
Posted by: northof49 ()
Date: November 9, 2018 06:33

Hello Hopkins. I too have a stones bootleg which matches your description.
The label is pastel green in color. Side 1 has 'Student Involvement Group at the Auditorium' on it and side 2 has 'New Brunswick Students at Moose Hall' on it.
Not a very good recording and so I hardly ever played it. Probably haven't listened to it in over 40 years. Will give it another spin tomorrow and listen for Keith's Sympathy lead.

Dug it out today and listened throughout.
Side 1: Carol, Shelter, Sympathy, I'm Free, Live With Me.
Side 2: LIV, Rambler, Queenie, HTW, SFM.

Between Queenie & Honky Tonk Mick says hello to San Francisco.

Does that help?

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Re: Let's talk RARE Stones vinyl
Posted by: hopkins ()
Date: November 14, 2018 00:18

Yes thank you!! That's exactly it. I have it in my hands now.
i got a LOT of good play out of this pressing. It sounded fine.
I'm seeing NO scratches. It wasn't a a way expensive turntable,
but back then they were making them VERY solid; it was relatively
VERY easy to get the most simple, fairly low wattage but very solidly built,
and sensitively engineered stereo amp and some decent book-shelf monitors
fairly, to very, cheaply. bass, treble knobs minimally at least, and responsive
.....i have NOT listened in years but will soon. The rawness and total
groove of this thing really, really impacted me. Ya Yas and Gimmer Shelter
movie were huge, huge priorities for me, and VERY satisfying, but truthfully
they did NOT eclipse my experience with my very first Boot.

Thanks for responding; it's a big school and all that, and close to Livingston
College also, which is also a fairly densely populated school....
....but i never ever ran into another fan who had heard of this or actually has it, till now. appreciate your post, thank you.


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