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Bits and pieces

Party Doll: Mary Chapin Carpenter is doing a cover version of "Party Doll", the Mick Jagger solo song from the album "Primitive Cool". The song is to be found on the new CD titled "Party Doll and Other Favorites", due out May 25 on Columbia Records.

In memory of Bobby Troup. Bobby Troup, a musician and actor who penned the popular song "Route 66" and played a neurosurgeon on the 1970s television drama "Emergency", died Sunday, Feb. 7. He was 80. Mick Jagger dedicated their version of "Route 66" to Bobby Troup at their first out of two Anaheim show on Feb 9th. Troup penned a little ditty in 1946 as he drove across the country to California, where he had dreams of making it big in music. He chose Route 66, as his song says: "If you ever plan to motor West: Travel my way, the highway that's the best. Get your kicks on Route 66!" Besides "Route 66", Troup also wrote and performed "Daddy","The Girl Can't Help It", "Meaning of the Blues", "Baby, All the Time", and "Lemon Twist". He also wrote songs for Tommy Dorsey and played Dorsey in the movie, The Gene Krupa Story".

Where the boys go... During the stay in Philadelphia, Keith Richards went to see the boxing fight at the Madison Square Garden, New York on Saturday (March 13), and could be seen on TV as well, sitting ringside. Someone said Ronnie was there too... Mick on the other hand stayed in Philadelphia, and surprised everyone at the Crew Band party at the Trocadero by showing up in the crowd for 15 minutes or so. Mick did some autographs, the fans shot some photos, and then he was gone.

I Got The Blues in Hartford. After having tried out "I Got The Blues" at the soundcheck for the first Hartford show March 28, this song actually made it to the set list at the second Hartford show on March 29. A show and an evening to remember for the Connecticut fans! "I Got The Blues" has been performed live just one time before, so far, at a special TV recording broadcast show at the Marquee Club, London, UK, on March 26, 1971, one month before the song was released on the album "Sticky Fingers" on April 23. They did rehearse it at the Fillmore and Kaiser, and also once at the pre-show soundcheck in Minneapolis earlier this year, plus a few takes at the soundcheck before the Hartford-1 show.

New Year's Eve show 1999 off? Mind you The Rolling Stones never announced any show for the New Year's Eve of 1999 officially, but rumours have been plentiful about $10 million offers for MSG, NY shows, and also in St Louis (Budweiser). But according to a report in the Los Angeles Times in early April, the Stones will just rest with their families on that day. The dates will be re-allocated for Mariah Carey, doing the MSG shows...

Brian Jones book by Anna Wohlin Brian Jones' Swedish girlfriend Anna Wohlin is publishing a new book about Brian Jones this summer. The book will be out by July 3rd this summer, 30 years after Brian's death. And in this book, Anna is supposed to tell her own story about the murder of Brian Jones.

Stone me! The Ultimate Rolling Stones Quiz Book. This book is a collection of questions and answers, written by Sean Smith and Dale Lawrence, and is just out in UK, at a price of GB £7.

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