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Bits and pieces

Correction to the IORR 33 set list table on page 15 - the Toronto April 26 set list should be song number 5: Memory Motel (not ASMB), song number 14: You Got Me Rocking (not I Just Wanna...).


New books: The Rolling Stones in Sweden. This is a book that is written in Swedish, by Börje Lundberg and Ove Tingvall. The Swedish title is: The Rolling Stones i Sverige - från Baltiska Hallen till Bredäng. With illustrated discography, and lots of rare photos from Sweden, covering all of the period from 1965 to 1998, and taking you backstage, into the dressing rooms. ISBN 91-89136-10-1 - hardbound - due out in November on Premium Publishing, Sweden.


The Voodoo Lounge bar in London, closely related to The Rolling Stones, opened officially in September. The location is Leicester Square, London. There is a huge tongue and lips logo outside. It's a bar of two floors, general bar on the 1st floor, then a VIP section on the 2nd floor. Drinks have names from Stones songs, there are paintings by Ronnie Wood and Andy Warhol on the wall, and the price level is HIGH! Dress nicely, and bring some extra cash when visiting this place!


Memory Motel out as single? According to Swedish paper Aftonbladet, Memory Motel seems to be coming out as a single from the forthcoming live album No Security. Swedish producer Jonas Åkerlund will produce the new Metallica video in Los Angeles next week, and his next project is said to be the new Stones video for Memory Motel.


Mick Jagger movie plans. As the confetti rest in Istanbul, Mick Jagger is now busy working on new projects. Following the recent movie "Bent", he is co-writing a movie based on his 35+ years as a rock star, with Scorsese and Rich Cohen. In another project, All Saints singer Nicole Appleton is about to make her acting debut in a Mick Jagger movie called "Saving Grace."

Taj Mahal at the Rock and Roll Circus. Three previously unreleased Taj Mahal tracks from the Rock and Roll Circus will be released on a 3-CD Taj Mahal retro, "In Progress & In Motion" (Columbia/Legacy), tentatively scheduled for release this month. They are Corrina, Checkin' Up on My Baby and Leaving Trunk. PS. No Security spells it Corinna and the Mahal set spells it Corrina...


A Life on the Road. The official tour book titled "A Life on the Road" will be published by Virgin Books on Nov. 3. The book is written by Jools Holland and Dora Loewenstein. It should be great, with lots of inside info and photos.


New books: The Phelge's Stones book is out now, and Stones fans seems to just love the book, with all the stories from the Edith Grove flat back in 1963. James Phelge, the author, shared the flat with Mick, Keith and Brian those days. The book is available from BA Books, April Cottage, Alcocks lane, Kingswood, Surrey KT20 6BB, England. Tel or Fax 0044 1737 370409. Price £15 (approx US $25) plus postage inside Europe £3.94, outside Europe £7.66 maximum. Visa or Mastercard accepted. Recommended!

The European part of the tour gave us a total of 37 shows, of which 10 stadium and 1 amphitheater in Germany, 6 in Holland, 3 in Spain, 2 in Belgium, 1 stadium and 1 arena in Sweden, then 13 more single shows in 13 countries, including the arena show in the Czech Republic plus stadium/site shows in France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Croatia, Greece and Turkey. This is a complete list of the 62 songs they played, and how many times played each song (for more extensive tour statistics and cross references, see the IORR internet web pages):

Out of control 107

Start me up 107

Jumpin' jack flash 107

Brown sugar 107

Honky tonk women 106

Miss you 105

Tumbling dice 105

(I can't get no) Satisfaction 104

Gimme shelter 103

Sympathy for the devil 103

Let's spend the night together 102

Little queenie 102

Wanna hold you 99

Flip the switch 96

Saint of me 86

Like a rolling stone 79

Anybody seen my baby 71

You got me rocking 63

It's only rock 'n roll 57

You can't always get what youwant 43

The last time 39

Thief in the night 37

All about you 36

You don't have to mean it 34

Bitch 31

Sister morphine 30

19th nervous breakdown 25

Under my thumb 20

Crazy mama 20

Paint it black 18

Memory motel 15

I just wanna make love to you 13

Star star 11

She's a rainbow 10

Respectable 9

Let it bleed 9

Dead flowers 8

Ruby Tuesday 7

Rock and a hard place 7

Love is strong 6

When the whip comes down 5

Angie 4

Already over me 3

All down the line 3

Little red rooster 3

Waiting on a friend 3

Live with me 3

Love in vain 3

Shine a light 3

Fool to cry 2

Street fighting man 2

Corina Corina 1

Wild horses 1

Time is on my side 1

Shame shame shame 1

Low down 1

Might as well get juiced 1

How can I stop 1

Factory girl 1

Far away eyes 1

Just my imagination 1

No expectations 1

The European BtB Tour 1998

The Rolling Stones played to 1.7 million fans during their 37 shows this summer, with ticket sales of 84 million US dollars. Germany and Holland got a total of 17 shows, while UK had to wait until 1999 for their BtB shows. All the details of dates, places, ticket sales etc. may be found on the complete tour list, see page 19. Please note that even if many local papers have different sizes of the crowd, the numbers in the IORR list are the correct and official ones. Also, the reason why some shows make more money than others, with the same crowd, is simply that in stadiums, they sold higher priced seated tickets, while festival sites (fields) were lower priced. The average ticket price for all shows in Europe was US $49.

The Rolling Stones played a total of 108 shows during the 1997/98 Bridges To Babylon Tour, including all the club shows, secret shows and MTV/VH-1 shows. More shows will come in 1999.

The shows were made up by 35 stadium and 8 arena shows in USA, 6 special shows (clubs etc) in USA/Canada, 4 stadium and 3 arena shows in Canada, 2 in Mexico, 6 in Japan, 5 in Argentina and 2 in Brazil. A total of 56 shows in USA/Canada plus another 15 shows outside Europe, totals 71 shows up to April 98.


Magazines - The Rolling Stones and the press: There have been plenty of press coverage during the European tour - too many to mention. On this page you can see some of the many great front covers of magazines during the tour. If you saw some great front covers or drawings that you want to share with the IORR readers, then please send a copy.

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