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Bill Wyman --- Mick Taylor

The new album Anyway The Wind Blows by Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings is out in Europe, in time for Bill's European Tour 1998 this month. And a sticker on the CD cover with all the tour dates is a nice bonus souvenir. The album features Bill Wyman, Gary Brooker, Eric Clapton, Georgie Fame, Peter Frampton, Albert Lee, Martin Taylor, Mick Taylor. The tracks are: 1. Anyway The Wind Blows - 2. Spooky - 3. Walking One & Only - 4. Mojo Boogie - 5. Too Late - 6. Every Sixty Seconds - 7. Ring My Bell - 8. Days Like This - 9. He's a Real Gone Guy - 10. A True Romance (with Mick Taylor on slide guitar) - 11. Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You (Eric Clapton on lead guitar) - 12. When Hollywood Goes Black & Tan - 13. Crazy He Calls Me - 14. Struttin' Our Stuff. BMG/RCA Victor 74321 59525/2.


The 'Struttin Our Stuff' Tour with Bill Wyman, featuring guests Gary Brooker, Georgie Fame, Albert Lee, Martin Taylor, Terry Taylor, an All star Rhythm and Horn section is visiting these places:

Oct. 9: Antwerpen, Belgium

Oct. 10: Bremen, Germany

Oct. 11: Amsterdam, Holland

Oct. 12: Paris, France

Oct. 14: Frankfurt, Germany

Oct. 15: Cologne, Germany

Oct. 16: Bad Breissing, Germany

Oct. 17: Hamburg, Germany

Oct. 19: Esbjerg, Denmark

Oct. 20: Aarhus, Denmark

Oct. 21: Copenhagen, Denmark

Oct. 22: Linköping, Sweden

Oct. 24: Oslo, Norway

The new Mick Taylor CD: A Stones' Throw on sensible records SR1CD:

1. secret affair

2. twisted sister

3. never fall in love again

4. losing my faith

5. morning comes

6. lost in the desert

7. blues in the morning

8. late at night

9. here comes the rain

10. blind willy mc tell


The Mick Taylor Tour: Many dates, but beware of changes!

Oct. 2: Ploemeur, France

Oct. 3: Chateaulin, France

Oct. 4: Callac, France

Oct. 6, Saint Germain (near Paris), France

Oct. 9: Bordeaux, France

Oct. 10, Pau, France

Oct. 13: Cousty (near Besancon), France

Oct. 14: Strasbourg, France

Oct. 15: Lille, France

Oct. 16: Gonfreville l'Orcher, France

Oct. 17: Vitry, France

Oct. 21: Alencon, France

Oct. 22: Massy, France

Oct. 24: Apremont, France

Nov 19: Steintorvarieté, Halle, Germany

Nov. 20: Lindenpark, Potsdam, Germany

Nov. 21: Stadthalle, Rheinberg, Germany

Nov. 23: Jazzhaus, Freiburg, Germany

Nov. 24: Dortmund, Germany

Nov. 25: Rotplombe, Erfurt, Germany

Nov. 28: Musichall, Worpswede, Germany

Dec. 1: Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany

Dec. 2: Braunschweig, Germany

Dec. 3: Kraftwerk, Chemnitz, Germany

Dec. 4: Friedrichshafen, Germany

Dec. 5: Rubigen, Switzerland

Dec. 6: Albani, Winterthur, Switzerland

Dec. 7: Z-7, Basel, Switzerland

Dec. 9: Sudhaus, Tuebingen, Germany

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