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Out Of Control

Out Of Control was the fourth single to be released from the Bridges To Babylon album, following Anybody Seen My Baby, Saint Of Me and Flip The Switch (only out as a promo in selected areas including South America), and it was the major release to be used for the tour opening in Europe.

The Out Of Control single CD (VSCDF 1700) contains the Album Radio Edit, two versions mixed by Fluke (acid/trance style) and one Bi-Polar mix (slow techno). The promo CD contains the Album Radio Edit plus the Album Version (4:43).

Also, several 12" vinyl releases have been made for DJ/club promo use. If you hated the ASBM techno mix, then you will probably hate these mixes too. The cover is great, a color live shot from this tour, see photo below. Too bad they could not include a live version of Out Of Control on the single, because OOC live is one of the greatest moments of the BtB show - some call it the Midnight Rambler of the 90's. These are the tracks:

1). Album Radio Edit (3.38)

2). In Hand With Fluke (8.27)

3). In Hand With Fluke Instr. (5.58)

4). Bi-Polar At The Controls (5.10)

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