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The IORR Web pages

The best way to get the latest news about the Rolling Stones these days is to use the internet, and the IORR web pages is a free service available to all IORR members. These pages are the most up-to-date and relable information source for hard core Stones fan information these days, with news about tour dates, reviews, set lists, general news pages etc.

The IORR magazine is mailed out approx. four times per year, and the publication date is usually timed to give you the latest tour info and reviews. But as the tour dates and plans change at last minute, it's almost impossible to keep all changes available via the magazine. Even the extra flyer sent out to all IORR members some weeks ago, about the European Tour startup changes, soon gets out of date as more changes appear.

The IORR magazine is limited to 32 pages, and is unique in photo quality, graphics, and the fact that you can keep it handy, and read it anywhere, without any computers, and also to keep it in your files for years and years, and read it later on.

The IORR Web pages are much more different. You may access them from anywhere in the world, instantly, if you have a computer with an internet connection. There are 100 times more pages on the IORR web, including many reviews from each and every concert, news, dates etc.

If you don't have internet access, then may be a friend have. Ask for printouts of the most important pages, like the News pages and the 1998 Tour Dates. And don't forget to send your reviews, comments, news from your area etc, because without your help, IORR can't be of any help!

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