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Fan to Fan Advertisements
Non-commercial advertisements are free!

Wanted: American tour merchandising information. Spring - Summer 1998 is coming. Please write to get in touch, share info, tickets, travel and accomodation... Xavier Martinez Valls, Cami Can Gatxet,48 Baixos 1o, 08190 Cugat, Spain.

Trade: Audio and video tapes. Henric Bernbratt, Siriusgatan 42, S-415 22 Gøteborg, Sweden

Trade: Let’s trade our recordings on minidisc. Your list for mine. Jean Francois Beret, 27 Bis rue Namia Berteaux, 78570 Andresy, France

Wanted: Amsterdam tickets, travel and accomodation. Other European concerts wanted as well. Kjell-Åke Glimberg, Pumpvägen 12, S-240 10 Dalby, Sweden. email: [email protected]

For sale: Double CD. Stockholm 1995 concert, Price: SEK 300:- Kjell-Åke Glimberg, Pumpvägen 12, S-240 10 Dalby, Sweden. email: [email protected]

For Sale: Saint of Me CD Singles (2 Different) £4.00 each. Saint Of Me 7" Single Picture Disc £3.00. Wingless Angels CD £13.00 (Postage £1.00 per item UK, Double Europe, Treble ROW). Many other Stones items for sale. We are also arranging ticket+hotel packages for the ‘98 UK shows. Edinburgh £95, Wembley £125. Please phone, fax or e-mail for details. Badlands Po Box 35 Cheltenham Glos GL50 2YN England. Phone +44 1242 579425 Fax +44 1242 232353 EMail [email protected]

Wanted: I want to buy "The Works" by Ronnie Wood in very good condition. M. Teasdale, 8 Derek Road, Coo Danup, 6210 West Australia.

Contacts wanted worldwide for audio tapes. Rob Marshall, 39 Drake Close, New Milton, Hants, BH25 5JB, England

For trade: Live concerts on DAT tapes, minidiscs or MC from the Stones and their guests on stage or in the studio: D Jones, B Diddley, S Crow, W Shorter, S Rollins, M Waters, M Ndegeocello... More than 100 (FM or TV) master recordings to trade. Your list for mine. Michel Perritaz, Cure-baud 26, CH 1212 Grand-Lancy,Switzerland. Fax: +4122 784 0512

For sale: One of the biggest collections of Finland, over 3000 Stones items. Call Henri +358 2 2355986 after 6pm.

Wanted: I’d like to buy/interchange CD and/or vinyl Rolling Stones, M Jagger, R Wood, M Taylor, C Watts, B Wyman, Chris Jagger, Alexis Korner and N Hopkins albums, singles, remixes, bootlegs etc. Want contacts all over the world, speak spanish and english. Jimmy Daly, P.o. box 60339, Caracas 1060-A, Venezuela, South America.

For sale: Wild Horses performed by Claudia Scott, limited ed. 100 copies on white vinyl, Keith Richards on cover, 7" one sided vinyl. T. Nilsen, Box 1830, N-7002, Trondheim, Norway

For sale/trade: American Rolling Stone mag. 1971-96 600 Pieces, Andy Warhole’s interview 71-73 30P, Mojo, Q, VOX, Muzik 94-97 200P, MM, NME 94-97 600P. Send me your want list. Thomas Erni, Burstwiesserstr 85, CH-8055 Zurich, Switzerland

Write your free advertisement typed clearly on a separate sheet of paper, and send by letter, email or fax, see address on page 31.

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