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Bill Wyman

While the Stones are busy touring and promoting their new album, Bill Wyman is safe back home in England with his family. Bill and his wife Suzanne is expecting their 3rd child.

Bill is more busy than ever, it seems, first of all with his new family. That part could not stand a big world tour like the Stones are on to now. But a mini tour to Germany, Holland and England - 5 concerts in one week, that’s more like it!

Bill has just released his new album: Struttin Our Stuff, with his band the Rhythm Kings.

All songs are produced and arranged by "the Dirt Boys" Bill Wyman/Terry Taylor. Engineering by Glyn Johns. The album contains the following songs:

1. Green River 2. Walking On My Own 3. Melody 4. Stuff 5. Bad To Be Alone 6. I’m Mad 7. Down In The Bottom 8. Mottorvatin’ Mama 9. Jitterbug Boogie 10. Going Crazy Overnight 11. Hole In My Soul 12. Tobacco Road

Melody is the Jagger/Richards song from the Stones album Black & Blue. Bill is playing bass on all the songs, and lead vocals on tracks 1, 2, 4, 10. Other lead vocalist are Beverly Skeete (1, 2, 3 and 5), Georgie Fame (3, 8 and 11), Geraint Watkins (6 and 7), Mike Sanchez (9) and Paul Carrack (12). Eric Clapton (guitar) only appears on one track (3), so does Peter Frampton (guitar) (12).

Others musicians are Graham Broad (drums, perc), Terry Taylor (guitars/organ), Max Middleton (piano), Albert Lee (guitar), Georgie Fame (organ), Dave Hartley (piano), Ray Cooper (percussion), Frank Mead, Nick Payn, Nick Pentelow, Andy Hamilton, Nick Pantelo, Martin Drover (horns), Martin Taylor (lead guitar), Gary Brooker (organ), Geoff Grange (harmonica), Derek Watkins, Pete Beachill, Andy Macintosh (horns), Melanie Redmond, Keely Smith, Zoe Nicholas, Susie Web, Natasha Kristie, Maggie Ryder and Barbie Carey (backing vocals).


Bill Wyman and his band Rhythm Kings went on a mini tour in Europe promoting his new album. They played two shows in Hamburg, Germany on Friday 10th, one in Paradiso, Holland on Monday 13th, and finished on Oct. 15th at the Forum in London, UK.

Collector’s Info

Angie bonus track in Japan

The new Rolling Stones album Bridges To Babylon was released on Sept. 27 in Japan (vs. Sept. 29/30 in Europe/America). The Japanese CD release includes a live version of Angie recorded at the Tokyo Dome on March 6, 1995.

Underground releases

So little space to present new underground releases this time! See IORR 31 for more reviews!

Satanic Sessions (Midnight Beat) is two 4CD boxes with plenty of Satanic outtakes in excellent quality. If you would like to hear 5 - 10 takes of each of the Satanic Majesties tracks, then this is it!

Chicago opening concerts by VGP. All three Chicago concerts, including the Double Door club gig, is being released by the Japanese label VGP. More details to follow. It will be a 1CD (club gig) and two 2CD’s (each of the 23rd, 25th).

Shaved Disk is a European label to release the title "First night in Chicago".

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