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The 97/98 World Tour

For day-to-day updates of the 97/98 tour dates see the IORR Bridges To Babylon Tour list

The new Bridges to Babylon world tour was presented by Michael Cohl, the tour promotor from TNA. First of all, they presented the list of tour dates for America. A total of 32 dates were presented, of which 25 in USA, 6 in Canada and 1 in Mexico. Optional dates will be added on, as they will play several times at the largest places. Also, club, ballrom and arena size concerts will be added.

The tour list of the following page will show the CONFIRMED concerts, as well as UNCONFIRMED (optional) concerts in paranthesis (). Also, some RUMOURED concerts in stadiums and clubs, arenas are shown. It is quite likely that the UNCONFIRMED and RUMOURED concerts will take place, but please do not finalize any travel plans until these dates are made official, as changes may happen.

The tour will continue to the rest of the world in 1998, to South America, Asia, and then finish off in Europe. These are some rumoured dates and places:

* Japan (several shows) - March 1998

* Müngersdorfer Stadion, Cologne, Germany - May 1998

* Bern Football Stadium, Bern, Switzerland - June 20, 1998.

* Wiener Neustadt, Airfield, Austria - July 11, 1998

* Stade de France, Paris, France (80,000 capacity) July 20, 1998

* Nya Ullevi, Gothenburg, Sweden (50,000 capacity) - July/Aug. 1998

* Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland (50,000 capacity) - July/Aug. 1998

* Valle Hovin, Oslo, Norway (40,000 capacity) - July/Aug. 1998

* Zeppelinfield, Nuernberg, Germany (80,000 capacity) - August 15, 1998

* Ruhr-Park, Bochum, Germany (120,000 capacity) - August 24, 1998

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