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Underground releases

This is just a very brief listing of some recent underground releases. I hope to have more space for revirews and photos in the next IORR issue. Thanks to Hendrik Mulder for reviews!

Swiss made 2cd VGP 116 - This is the complete first and the complete second Bern show of september 26 in G+ audience quality.

Miami pop festival VGP 117 - This show was previously available on "Live at West Palm beach 1969" (Idol mind). Entire show in VG aud. quality.

Happy birthday Ronnie 2cd VGP 118 - Previously unreleased show from Dortmund, june 1, 1976.

August children 2cd VGP 119 - VG + audience recording from Berlin, august 13, 1990. Please note: (I can't get no) Satisfaction from the IMAX is also from this show.

Bloody night in LA VGP 120 - Shaking my heart, Little red rooster, Mystery train, Sex machine, Carol, Just another night, Miss you, Instrumental rehearsals. Recorded live at the Country club, Los Angeles october 20, 1987. Jeff Beck on guitar. G- audience

Mundialito 1982 2cd VGP 121 - G+ audience recording recorded inTurin on july 11, 1982 incl Angie.

Never too old to rock 'n roll 2cd VGP 122 - Entire LA show from october 11, 1981 including Star star; VG audience recording

Sure the one you need 2cd VGP 123 - Unreleased Kansas City show from june 6, 1975 including Sure the one you need, Luxury and Dance little sister.

Low tide and fair hits 2cd VGP 124 - Enire show from Berlin, may 3, 1976; VG audience recording.

Rotter' beast of burden 2cd VGP 125 - Entire show from Rotterdam, june 4 1982. VG audience recrding

American compendium VGP 126 - Incomplete show from Chicago july 23, 1975.

Paris affair VGP 127 - Paris, september 22, 1970 which already was released on Idol mind. G- audience

Foxy Jagger 2cd VGP 128 - Unreleased Jagger show recorded in Nagoya on march 26 1988 including Bitch, Let's spend the night together and Beast of burden.

Did we meet somewhere before? 2cd VGP 129 - Again the Kansas City show with Mick Taylor from december 15, 1981. - Better quality than previous releases.

The complete Woodstock tapes 4cd VGP 130 - A 4 cd set with partly well known rehearsals added with prodigal son, Let's spend the night together, Beautiul delilah, Far away eyes and more. Excellent quality.

Ain't no angel on main street 4cd VGP 133 Another 4 cd set with the complete evening and afternoon Ft. Worth show from june 24, 1972 and 4 songs from Philadelphia july 21, 1st show. The afternoon show is including Sweet black angel (!) and Dead flowers. The evening show is including Don't lie to me and Bye bye Johnny. Please note that this show also is on "Mick Taylor we miss you" (VGP 092). Both Ft. Worth shows are also on the recently released 4cd set "Sweet black angel".

Through the secret nights 2cd VGP 134 - Finaly the first Paradiso show from may 26, 1995. The quality is not that good but this is a historical show.

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