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It's Only Rock'n Roll - No. 28 - May 1997

The year of 1996 went by with little Stones activity, except for Charlie and his solo activity. May be it was time to rest, following the Voodoo Lounge release in 1994, and the major tours of 1994-95. But the year of resting seems to have done the Stones well. According to the plans, we may get a new Stones studio record release in September, and a new world tour to start in America in September! The Stones have been in Los Angeles recording for most parts of the spring. According to Ronnie (see interview in this issue), the Stones will try to release a new album every 18 months. Well, even if it takes the double, like 3 years, we can live with it, as long as the Stones keep on going on tour every now and then! From the past history of touring, 81/82, 89/90, 94/95, the 97/98 plans look great to all Stones fans. So get ready, save up your bucks, it’s time for rock’n’roll! And be sure, IORR will be there, so that we can all exchange information, memories, souvenirs, and all have a good time in Stones Land. Enjoy!

Flashback! The Rolling Stones at Messehallen, Sjølyst, Oslo, June 24, 1965. The text of this vintage press photo says: The British pop-group "The Rolling Stones" in town: Guarded by the police the five youngsters are pictured during their concert here on June 24. PS. This is actually the real concert view as seen from Charlie’s spot!

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