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Manchester 1990 - All dressed up!

It’s time to look back into another great tour, the Urban Jungle tour of 1990. I was lucky to stay in UK for three weeks that summer in July. The plan was to see all10 concerts, but two of the Wembley shows were re-scheduled to August, due to Keith’s infected finger.

There is so much to tell about 3 weeks in Stones heaven, but for now I will bring up a special event from Manchester. This was the last stop of the UK shows. Six great concerts in London (3), Glasgow, Cardiff(re-sheduled) and Newcastle would be topped by two concerts at Manchester City football arena, the famous Maine Road, on July 20 and 21.

It was a hot night when we arrived. All the pubs were packed, and everyone were enjoying the summer. Inside Maine Road we had made our way up to the front, a bit to the left, as often in 1990. The concert went on as usual, a great performance.

I noticed a tour photographer, George Chin, appointed by the Stones, had special access all through the concert. He had excellent positions, and shot plenty of rolls that Friday night, July 20.

Half-way through the concert Mick Jagger shows up in the most peculiar outfit I’ve seen ever. Strange blue shirt, and wide multicolor pants, not like his usual black ones. They have dressed up for the photo session, for sure! When Mick is stacking away the microphone in his pants, to clap his hands, the wide pants slips the microphone, and it is down to the floor. This happens again later on.

I was sure photos from this concert would be used for some sort of promotion, but they never made it into any sort of print, not even into the official tour book. Luckily Paul Lovell brought his camera, and on the following page, you may see Mick, all dressed up...

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