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Happy moments

It was exactly 12 years ago, in Paris, France. During the spring of 1985, the Rolling Stones were working at the Pathe-Marconi Studios, recording for the Dirty Work Album. They had been there in January/February as well, but now it is April.

Jean Haristoy is a big Stones fan from France, and when the Stones are in town to record, he wants to be around too. His friend Hervé Pichenot is there too, with his camera. Then they happen to meet Ronnie. As you know, Ronnie is always a nice guy, smiling, hardly knows the word "no". A photo is made to take care of the happy moment.

One week later the photo is developed, and it is time to seal it properly. Ronnie is signing the photo, and here it is, a true souvenir for a fan, to keep the memory of a happy moment!

Jean Haristoy is, as I said, a big Stones fan. As with many of us, he can state more or less the moment he became a Stones fan. Being born in 1961, he was barely a teenager in the summer of 1974, when he really started to listen seriously into records. He listened to stuff like Bowie, Lou Reed, Velvet Underground, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, the music that was around at the time.

One day, at the end of his summer vacations, he heard a strange sound on the radio. It’s like these moments you never forget. They played "It’s Only Rock’n Roll". At age 13 Jean became a Rolling Stones fan, and from then on he worked hard to get records by the Stones, like the albums Around and Around, Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out, Aftermath, Between The Buttons, and lots more... Thanks, Jean!

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