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The Voodoo Lounge Quiz

Win great prizes!

Welcome to the 1996 IORR Voodoo Lounge Quiz! By using the information in the IORR issues recently you will be able to find the correct answers to the following three questions. Send your correct answers to IORR, and you may win great and rare prizes!

1. What is the location (city and date) of the concert where the photo of Charlie Watts is taken, as shown on this issue's IORR 26 page 16-17, i.e. center pages?

2. Where (city and date) did the Stones play to the largest capacity (most people) during the 94/95 Voodoo Lounge tour?

3. How many club concerts (less than 5000 people in the crowd) did the Stones perform during the 94/95 Voodoo Lounge tour?

Please write down your three answers on a separate sheet of paper, with no other messages on that paper, state clearly number and the answers to each question. Please include your name and address, and sent the paper to IORR so that it arrives before the deadline of August 31.

These are the prices you may win:

1st prize: The book "Masons Yard to Primrose Hill" by Gered Mankowitz. Worth a fortune (US $ 150 or so). This exclusive book was reviewed in IORR 23.

2nd price: The new book "The Ultimate Guide 1962 - 1995" by Felix Aeppli. You may read about this book in this IORR issue; another great book!

3rd price: Box: "From One Charlie". This is a 12" box with a reproduction of the now rare Charlie Watts book "Ode To A High Flying Bird", plus the tribute CD.

Extra prizes: There will be five extra prices, available to everyone joining the quiz, even if you happens to do the wrong answers. These are the extra prices, all old and rare stuff no longer available unless you give an arm and a leg to get it:

4). Fabulous Jagger: Stones Diary 85.5. - 86.4 - rare Japanese calendar book with plenty of photos, from 1985.

5). Willie And The Poor Boys promo booklet. This booklet was made by Bill Wyman, very limited run, with prints from the ARMS activities in the 80's. There are copies of letters from Ronald Reagan, Bill Wyman, and lots of press cuttings from around the world.

6). Polish Postcard record: Emotional Rescue R-1073 by The Rolling Stones. Another rarity, from Tonpress.

7). US Magazine RECORD of Oct. 1983, with Keith on the cover, and 8 pages and great photos of Keith inside.

8). Italian magazine Mucchio Selvaggio of Feb. 1985, with Keith on the cover, and the famous table photo on the center page, plus more photos.

The quiz is now closed!

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