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Underground releases

The following is a brief list of new underground releases that have appeared lately. Some are really nice and worth having, others are trash. Quality ratings are from Poor (low quality) via Good (less than medium quality) to VG (very good = acceptable, still not perfect) and Exc (excellent, from radio, tv or other perfect sound sources.

IORR don't sell these underground releases, and can't tell you where to buy. Still, if you check into collector's record stores, small private stores, flea markets or record fairs in your area, or when travelling, you may bump into some of these items. Then it's important to be well prepared - IORR will try to guide you so that you pick up according to your taste.

Voodoo Lounge Holland 1995 (3CD box). Label: Midnight Beat MB CD 054/55/56. Quality: VG+. Source: Nijmegen June 13 and 14, Landgraaf June 18, audience recordings. Color box, color book in the box, and color covers on the 3 CD's inside. A really nice package. Check out CD2, with the rare Fool To Cry only performed two times in Europe, plus more!

CD1: Not Fade Away/Tumbling Dice/You Got Me Rocking/It's All Over Now/All Down The Line/Rocks Off/Live With Me/Sparks Will Fly/Satisfaction/Beast Of Burden/Wild Horses

CD2: Fool To Cry/Love Is Strong/Love In Vain/Like A Rolling Stone/Heartbreaker/Monkey Man/Rock And A Hard Place/Gimme Shelter/I Go Wild/Miss You

CD3: Intros/Honky Tonk Women/Before They Make Me Run/The Worst/Happy/Slipping Away/Sympathy For The Devil/Street Fighting Man/Start Me Up/It's Only Rock'n Roll/Brown Sugar/Jumping Jack Flash

Mick Jagger and The Red Devils (1CD). Rabbit Records RR 004. Another version of the Mick blues CD as reviewed on page 26. This one has got a nice cover with photos and track listings.

Beast Of Belgium (4CD box). Label: The Swinging Pig TSP-CD-190-4. Quality: VG. Source: Complete, both concerts in Werchter, Belgium June 24 and 25, 1995, audience recordings. Nice 12" color box. Nice color CD covers. See IORR 23 for setlists, including Beast Of Burden, Angie, Let It Bleed etc.

Stoned Stocks - First Night In Europe (1CD). Label: RHP 901. Watch out for this CD, it's not what it pretend to be! If you want Stockholm 95 live, then get "Voodo I Like It" 2CD (see IORR 24). This 1CD is actually just Not Fade Away and I Go Wild from Stockholm (broadcast), plus 45 seconds Paradiso broadcast of It's All Over Now, plus some rehearsal/jam fillers. The rest is from USA 94 broadcasts, exc quality, but why mix it up and call it Stockholm?

Voodoo Brew (4CD box).

Label: Vigotone 147-150. Quality: EXC. Source: Voodoo Lounge outtakes and rehearsals. Color box, color book in the box, and color CD covers. This is the ultimate CD release, best in a long, long time, if you don't count the official ones! Highly recommended!

Some insiders have supplied the excellent stuff, and these 4 CD's brings you through the making of Voodoo Lounge. A 32 pages book tells you all details, who plays what on each track etc. Each CD is dedicated to Mick, Keith. Charlie and Ronnie, as numbered 1 to 4.

CD1: Subtitle "The Alternate Voodoo Lounge: Mick&Keith Dialogue/Love Is Strong/You Got Me Rocking/Sparks Will Fly/The Worst/New Faces/Moon Is Up/Out Of Tears/I Go Wild/Brand New Car/Sweet Hearts Together/Suck On The Jugular/Blinded By Rainbows/Baby Break It Down/Thru And Thru/Mean Disposition/Ron&Keith dialogue

CD2: Subtitle: Keith plays his favorites. Salty Dog/Guitar Overdub/salty Dog(2)/Cocaine/Cocaine(2)/I get A Kick Out Of You/Goodbye To Love/Love's Tough Shit Baby/Keith's Boogie/Goodbye To Love/I get A Kick Out Of You(2)/Cocaine(3)/Crying Waiting Hoping/Love Is Stronge/Make No Mistake/Girl Of The North Country/John Wesley Harding/Blues Jam;riffs/Brand New Heartache/Scotty Moore riffs/Reverse Boogie;riffs/Please Please Me/Sparks Will Fly - riffs & dialogue

CD3: Subtitle: Alright Charlie. Alright Charlie/It's Alright - Untitled 1/Hold On You/Ivy League/Get It Made/Untitled 2/Jump On Top Of Me/I'm Gonna Drive/Untitled 3/Untitled 4/Make It Now/It's Funny/Untitled 5/Keith's dialogue

CD4: Subtitled: Rehearsals, Alternate Mixes and early Versions. The Storm/You Got Me Rocking/Sparks Will Fly/The Worst/Out Of Tears/Brand New Car #1/ Sweethearts Together/ Sweethearts Together #2/Blinded By Rainbows/Baby Break It Down/Thru And Thru/Thru And Thru 2/The Storm 2/The Storm 3

Atlantic City '89 (4CD box). Label: The Swinging Pig TSP-CD-075-3. Quality: EXC. Source: Atlantic City, Dec. 19, 1989, broadcast. Big 12" box, poster inside. Another great re-release from a great underground label. And again, if you don't have it, I would recommend it. It comes with a 4th bonus CD with pre/post Atlantic documentaries plus rare tracks from the '89 tour: Shattered/One Hit/Almost Hear You Sigh/Angie/Play With Fire/Dead Flowers/Before They Make Me Run

Voodoo Minstrels (2CD). Label: VGP 067. Quality: VG-. Source: Montpellier, France July 27, 95. This is the complete Montpellier show, with special tracks including Let It Bleed, Angie, and most important, the rare duet with Mick and Bob Dylan on Like a Rolling Stone. And before Gimme Shelter, you can hear the crowd singing "Happy Birthday", to celebrate Mick's birthday the day before.

Mick Jagger: Through The Years - A Collection Of Solo Performances 1982-93 (1CD). Label: The Swinging Pig TSP-CD-191. Quality: EXC. Source: Various solo, studio, live and rehearsal tracks by Mick. Great and rare stuff from Far East tour, Live Aid, Jeff Beck etc.

CD1: Deep Down Under(tour rehearsals)/Around And Around/Let It Rock/Back In The USA/ Lonely At The Top/ Just Another Night/Miss You/State Of Shock /It's Only Rock'n'Roll /Honky Tonk Women/Sympathy For The Devil/Dead Flowers/Shine A Light/ Little Red Roster/Memory Motel/No Expectations/Sweet Thing/Don't Tear Me Up/I've Been Loving You Too Long/Stomp

Hampton '81 (2CD box). Label: The Swinging Pig Records TSP-CD-100-2. Quality: EXC. Source: Hampton Coliseum, December 18, 1981, broadcast. This is a new release of this fantastic 1981 recording, with improved quality. Recommended if you don't have it already...

Shattered In Europe (2CD): Label: The Swinging Pig TSP-CD-184. Quality: EXC. Source: CD1: Napoli, Italy July 17, 1982. CD2: Keith rehearsals Nice & Napoli 82. The CD2 is a bonus, make sure you get it. It's a single slim CD pack!

CD1: Under My Thumb/When The Whip Comes Down/Let's Spend The Night Together/ Shattered/ Neighbors/Black Limousine/Just My Imagination/Intros/Little T&A/Angie/Tumbling Dice/She's So Cold/Hang Fire/Miss You/Honky Tonk Women/Brown Sugar/Start Me Up

CD2: Hard Travellin'/Hit The Road Jack/Rock'n Roll Jam/He'll Have To Go/Lonesome Whistle/Will You Love Me Tomorrow

Details of "Da'Lapa Incident (Lisbon, Portugal, 95); Munich 95; Rotterdam August 30, 95 and the Midnight Beat release "Acetates" to follow in IORR 26.

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