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It's Only Rock'n Roll
The Rolling Stones Fan Club Of Europe
Since 1980

The It's Only Rock'n Roll site is the WEB version of the magazine IORR published since 1980, give and take a couple of breaks in-between. IORR is now printing quarterly in glossy colors, the best photos in Stonesland. It's a shame to put this stuff up on 72 dpi poor man screen resolution, but at least you can see how it is, and get the real stuff, when you really want to see the sweat pearls in Keith's face, or the deep facets of Mick's eyes.

The WEB format gives IORR lots more space and freedom. News may be published same day as they are here, and lots more (poor mans) graphics may be shown. Also, there is no limit of 32 pages per issue, as with the hardcopy IORR.

Please give your comments regarding IORR. As a non-profit fan club organizing hard core Stones fans all over the world, you are free to make your contributions, comments, reviews, whatever interesting to fellow Stones fans. If you met Charlie while shopping, then tell us. If you had a personal experience with Jumping Jack Flash during the concert in Rotterdam last year, then tell us. As an editor, I'll try to edit the stuff, put it online a.s.a.p., and keep you all updated on news, graphics, stories, concerts, whatever is related to the Stones.

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It's Only Rock'n Roll

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It's Only Rock'n Roll is a non-profit Stones magazine
published quarterly by editor Bjørnulf Vik , Norway.
© The Rolling Stones Fan Club Of Europe.
No parts of IORR may be copied or reprinted without permission.

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