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Bill Wyman & The Rhythm Kings
Gävle, Sweden, May 12, 2001
Review by Christer Franzén, Stockhom, Sweden

Wow, these cats can really swing.

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings got a standing ovation last night in Gävle Concert Hall, Sweden. The house was cocking. Rightly so. The band was so good. I mean GREAT. Georgie Fame, Gary Brooker, Martin Taylor, Beverley Skeete et al performed the live gig of the year. We heard superb performances with outstanding professionals, they played everything from jazz to oldfashioned 1950's rockmusic, soul, r&b, rockabilly and rock.

There were many highlights during the show. It's hard to pick the highlights. Georgie Fame in "Anyway the wind blows" and "Georgia on my mind". Beverly Skeete's "I put a spell on you". Oh dear, I wish she would put the spell on me. What a moment. Time stood still. Gary Brooker in "Hit the road Jack".

Guitarist Martin Taylor was outstanding during the set. He played the ass of Alvin Lee. There was not a weak spot in the whole gig. When Gary Brooker performed "A Whiter Shade of Pale" on piano, with the only aid of a soprano sax, my heart stopped. It was so beautiful, so honest, so sincere. The Bill Wyman Rhythm Kings is the band of the year.

Mr Bill Wyman, I miss you. Please, return to the boys. Your basslines are badly needed.

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