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Bill Wyman & The Rhythm Kings
Cheltenham, UK, May 2, 2001
Review by Dennis Addey

I saw Bill and Co. play their opening night, tonight in Cheltenham; (birthplace and burial site of his old friend Brian Jones). I wonder if Bill visited?

Fab night. They were definately rusty to start with. The sound balance was out (couldn't understand the vocals etc), some instruments were too loud and several members of the band were decidedly nervous. Nontheless, first night nerves were quickly overcome and they proceded to give an excellent nights entertainment. The sound engineers did their job and balanced everything off OK. Excellent value. I wish them well on their very obviously strenuous European tour.

Something was missing however, but I was not disappointed. During the very last number prior to the inevitable encore set, Bill lit his fag up. He obviously couldn't wait that last 4 or 5 minutes. I always remember him with a fag in his gob. It wouldn't be the same without the cigarette. It adds to his laid back style.

I note that they are playing near Hereford (country hotel near Holme Lacy) towards the end of their UK gig bit. I may book in for the 3 night stay to see them again. It will be well worth it. Great gig.

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